“Nature is within us” – Photo Paintings by Michael Nguyen in a permanent exhibition in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Munich

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Photo Paintings by Michael Nguyen in a permanent exhibition in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Munich

What is outside is no longer outside. Trees, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes. Michael Nguyen has transformed these elements in his artworks into feelings, fantasies and dreams. They become part of our inner nature, part of the human soul. "Nature is within us", ten works of art are on permanent exhibition from now on at Gauting town hall (Munich area), Bahnhofstrasse 7 D-82131 Gauting.

Through the subjective lens, Michael Nguyen gives all a new perspectives, a new soul. “Michael Nguyen's photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible – worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life.”


Michael Nguyen, "In the darkest hours"

His works does not reflect reality but are the interpretation of a moment. In his art photography, the work is often created by making changes to the original photograph in image editing programs, where the creativity of the artist knows no bounds.

“In my Photographic Paintings from my series ‘Nature is within us’ I work out a distinctive aesthetic effect of my pictures. Most of the motifs are outside, in daylight. Among my most popular motifs here are landscapes, riversides, forests. In the seasons autumn and spring I find the most popular moods for me. Characteristic for my pictures of this portfolio are blurred, blurred contours, sometimes scattered light and often the renunciation of the reproduction of details, similar in style to a painting.”


Michael Nguyen, "Family walk"


Michael Nguyen, "Where the Emperor is born"


Michael Nguyen, "The Mill Wheel"


Michael Nguyen, "My friend the tree is dead"


Michael Nguyen, "The Absence"


Michael Nguyen, "Homeland"


Michael Nguyen, "Lights will guide you home"


Michael Nguyen, "Expulsion of the ghosts"


Michael Nguyen, "13th June 1886
Ludwigs mysterious death"

This pictures taken in and around Gauting and in the Starnberg district – Gauting is a city in the Upper Bavarian administrative district of Starnberg and lies southwest of Munich on the river Würm.