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Pop-up diary in Tokyo

From the summer, passing for the fall until the Xmas season, here is the pop-up in the Japanese capital. Discover with me what was created for these events. Enjoy it!

Krug Studio

  • O-yane Plaza at Roppongi Hills
  • 4th – 9th of October 2023

Located in Roppongi Hills, the gathering beckons attendees to savor champagne, enjoy music, and inhale the fragrance emanating from the wooden boxes used in champagne production—an overall delightful experience. Many attest to Krug Champagne's global excellence, but a stance on that matter is not within my purview. As an architect and event designer, my role centers on elucidating the event, the designer's contributions, and the manifestation of creativity.

Throughout my career, I have encountered numerous Krug events and what stands out is a recurrent pattern. The predominant use of Bordeaux as the primary color and the consistent incorporation of the gold “K” letter have become enduring features across all proposed events. While iconic elements are crucial for brand recognition, Krug seems confined to this singular visual motif.

Visual aesthetics play a pivotal role in determining the success of an event. Krug, with its venerable and traditional history, commands respect. However, I believe there's room for innovation, particularly in the context of events. While adherence to iconic elements is expected, a more dynamic approach to visual elements could enhance the overall experience, ensuring the brand remains both classic and contemporary.


All photos @Valentina Cannava


Pomellato “Nudo Crafted Emotions”

  • Tokyo Midtown Atrium
  • 6th – 22nd of October 2023

To unveil their new “Nudo” collection, Pomellato, the Italian brand established in Milan in 1967, orchestrated a pop-up event in an open-space setting. Enclosed by subtly backlit panels, some of which embraced an arc shape reminiscent of Milan's iconic “Scala” theater, the space at Bambu exuded vibrancy with colorful showcases, wall decorations, and a captivating giant kaleidoscope at its center. The entire ambiance provided an immersive experience, embodying the essence of the brand. At the conclusion of this engaging experience, a thrilling photobooth awaited guests. Through a questionnaire, an interactive panel revealed a color aligning with their personality. In my case, the accuracy of the color selection added to the effectiveness of this interactive feature.

Two aspects of this event stood out to me. Firstly, the overall set-up departed from the customary red and gold color scheme synonymous with Pomellato events. While the brand's signature red can sometimes be too dark, this time, a brighter color palette was employed, rendering the space more inviting and cheerful. Secondly, the inclusion of iconic Italian design furniture, such as the “Arco” floor lamp by Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the “Multichair” by Joe Colombo and the “Nesso” table lamp by Giancarlo Mattioli, added a touch of sophistication. This attention to detail underscored the significance of subtle elements in ensuring the success of an event.

A heartfelt appreciation goes to Rossana Merlini, the Marketing Manager of Pomellato Japan, for inviting me on this insightful journey into the world of Pomellato.





Max Mara “Teddy Ten Pop-up Store”

  • O-yane Plaza at Roppongi Hills
  • 27th of October - 5th of November 2023

Max Mara introduced a whimsical and delightful pop-up to showcase its new winter collection. The approach is both impactful and straightforward, with a single element taking center stage: Teddy. The pop-up attracted not only those seeking to purchase clothing (its primary purpose) but also numerous visitors who came to capture and relish the event.

At the heart of the O-yane plaza, a castle adorned with brown carpeting reminiscent of Teddy's skin stands prominently. The entire space is adorned with trees fashioned from the same material, mannequins elegantly showcasing the collection, standing gracefully in steel, and plush stools completing the cozy ambiance.

In summary, a charming pop-up experience!




Dior “Garden of Dreams”

  • Arena at Roppongi Hills
  • 1st - 17th of December 2023

Consistently exceeding expectations, Dior presents the “Garden of Dreams” an immersive experience enveloped in the essence of Dior perfumes, ranging from Miss Dior to Sauvage, and from Jadore to Prestige. The event unfolds across five distinct spaces. It commences with a labyrinth adorned with snow and Dior elements, guiding visitors into a luminous room. Enclosed by mirrors and suspended cables featuring captivating paper lights and shapes, this space offers an ideal backdrop for striking photographs. Progressing to the next area, a circular room showcases a grand crystal chandelier towering over a table adorned with the Jadore perfume.

This circular room features a console presenting perfumes on all four sides, accompanied by a curved LED wall projecting images of the new brand ambassador, the American actress Anya Taylor-Joy. The final space serves as a shop, but the pop-up experience extends beyond. A coffee booth treats guests to a special beverage, while a Merry-go-round in pristine white and gold captivates in the center of the square. A particularly enchanting surprise awaits in the form of a Dior Christmas tree positioned in the middle of the lake, providing a picturesque setting for memorable photographs.







Chanel “Wonderland”

  • Jing Gallery in Harajuku
  • 6th - 17th of December 2023

Within the Jing Gallery, a distinctive Christmas tree extends a warm welcome to guests at the Chanel “Wonderland” pop-up, offering a captivating journey into the Chanel Beauty World.

Upon entering the “N.5 door” guests traverse a sparkling corridor that leads them into a pristine white space. Prior to commencing their exploration, a concierge engages guests with inquiries about their preferred products - be it a lipstick, a cream, or an eye glitter. Subsequently, each guest is handed a sizable golden key, unlocking access to the entire event.

A cozy and inviting ambiance to await, with white Christmas trees adorned with gold ribbon-wrapped boxes providing an enchanting backdrop. Within select boxes lies a delightful surprise; upon opening them, guests are treated to a video, a composition, and a miniature train gliding beneath a snowy landscape.

As the experience concludes, the golden key can be employed to receive a personalized present. Transitioning to the shopping area, guests can then purchase their desired Chanel products. The event is characterized by its simplicity, elegance, warmth, and sophistication.