Business Of Design Week 2018 (Hong Kong)

Organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, the 17th edition of Business of Design Week (BODW), Asia’s leading annual design event, will be held in Hong Kong from 3-8 December, 2018. Delivering a host of international innovators and creative powerhouses from across a multitude of disciplines, BODW continues to provide a platform to present the latest industry insights and to promote the wide and strategic use of design for cities, the economy, culture and the living.

BODW 2017 Highlights "Italy makes a difference"

BODW 2018 will take on the theme ‘Think ∙ Collaborate ∙ Create’. This year’s programme will focus on design and innovation in branding, space, communication, product, culture and the city. In addition, new sessions focusing on Digital & Design, Greater Bay Area & Design and more, will be introduced this year. ADF will proudly support the BODW 2018 as one of the media partners. If you have interest, please join the event!


BODW 2018

Info: https://bodw.com/en/