A Regional Hub that is Directly Linked to Economic Recovery and Industrial Transformation Rooted in Rural Areas

The Basque Biodesign Center is a center specialized in biodesign strategies applied to art, design, fashion, and architecture located in the rural environment of the small town of Gueñes, in the Enkartaciones region, near Bilbao, a green territory committed to innovation and the bioeconomy as a strategy to strengthen the industrial fabric of the region and improve its competitiveness. BDC is one of the driving projects within the institutional strategic plan that seeks to turn the region into an attraction for companies in sectors linked to the circular economy and sustainability, generating new quality opportunities.


BDC exterior


BDC exterior

The main function of the Basque Biodesign Center is to promote innovation through biodesign, using nature and biological organisms as sources of inspiration and development. This approach focuses on creating sustainable solutions that integrate ecological principles in the design of products, materials, and systems. Its objective is to promote a more circular and environmentally friendly economy, developing projects that can have a positive impact on both industry and society.


2024_Berenice Courtin_worth project


2024_Santiago Crespo - Residente en el Basque Biodesign Center


Basque Biodesign Center-Curso Biocouture

BDC is a center where design professionals and artists are trained to produce their own prototypes. Its objective is to train professionals for strategic management that facilitates the transition and redefinition of companies, businesses, and services towards a sustainable and responsible economy. On the academic side, we organize a 6-month postgraduate program, Fabricademy, an interdisciplinary course that focuses on new technologies applied to the textile field. We also have shorter open courses focused on all creative lines throughout the year. Our center is an academic complement to the universities of art, fashion, design, and architecture, for which we design and organize customized programs. The BDC supports the creation and production processes, from the orientation to innovation in different artistic expressions, the detection and support of talent, participatory management, and the relationship with the local environment. BDC hosts a research residency program for emerging artists and creators with the main objective of developing new sustainable products and new materials as a way to transform, revalue, and unite rural and urban lifestyles.

The Basque Biodesign Center

LocationLasier Auzoa, 15, 48840 Gueñes, Bizkaia, Spain