About DELTA N.A.

Who are we?

There is no answer in the world that can fill the void that this question echoes in us but the human being constantly shuns and escapes from the perception of his uncertainty, He throws doubts behind him and runs towards a future made of inane and decreased certainties and forgets or at least he believes so, the origin of his existence; his true essence made to live in the magic of the world, in harmony with the Earth and its inhabitants. This is what we are: creatures halfway between spirit and body, guided and corrupted at the same time by our mind constrained by small rituals and rituals and lacking of imagination. Art support us by guiding us through the dark paths running through the unexplored worlds of a reality not bound by rational thought, but free to wander around the abstract unconscious landscape of our spirit.

Thus, through the lens that art offers us, we explore unknown worlds, we soar in the air without any weight and forget the fracture between dream and reality floating in a universe where dream and reality merge and borders become open doors to the unknown. We are the magic of the world, we are the divine on earth, strangers to our own nature but so perfectly rooted in it to transform dreams into reality.


The artists Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola, in art Delta N.A., were born as a duo sharing the realization of portraits, but their uniqueness came out only after starting to work together simultaneously on the same canvas. This path of artistic union has allowed the couple to develop a common expressive language to explore and describe their vision.


Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola

Since 2008 they have dedicated themselves to numerous solo and group exhibitions between Italy and South America, arriving in 2010 in the U.S. where they introduced their art on the contemporary scene taking part in multiple exhibitions with Norbertellen Gallery and Boa Art Gallery both based in Los Angeles, California.

After this initial confrontation with the American art world the artists choose to devote themselves exclusively to the search for new forms of expression until developing an innovative technique of painting with bare hands defined "Instinctive Expressionism" (El Lunario Gallery, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 2012). The works created from 2012 to 2014 tell about the lightness of an harmonious universe where the humanity of feelings and the immensity of spirit emerge in a dance of colors and lines collected in floral compositions. This serie of artworks, exhibited first in U.S.A. at Soho Gallery Beverly Hills in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture of Los Angeles, California and CATM New York Agency , then in Italy, at Die Mauer Contemporary have been awarded later on for Quality and Originality at the V Biennale of Genoa and with the Jury Award at the Satura Prize 2013.In 2014 the artists are invited by the contemporary art magazine Irreversible Art Magazine to represent Italy during the open-air exhibition "Giants in the City", Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida; but it is only at the end of 2014 that Delta N.A. reach a new expressive form by presenting a series of works entitled "Harmonies", in which the subjects, previously well defined, lose their boundaries, dissolving themselves in the diffused light of an infinite space, in a continuous search for a perfect union between the immensity of destiny and the fragmented daily life.


California Blue M

In 2015 the French gallery Beddington Fine Art in collaboration with CATM New York Agency, organizes a solo exhibition entitled "Revelations" dedicated to Delta N.A. and it is precisely with the sculpture from which this exhibition takes its name that the artists begin to explore the relationship between man and the Universe, through an essential abstract language whose rigorous features describe a more complex theory on the perception of reality called "Existential Mechanics". Between 2016 and 2017 the works of the artistic duo are shown in an itinerant project titled "Travelling with heart"; the exhibition deals with the theme of "Travel" in both a physical and spiritual sense, and described through the abstract lenses of Existential Mechanics. Some of the artworks are inspired by the relationship between man and universe, while others are inspired by a new perspective on the world, in which the places visited by the Delta N.A. during their travels are reinterpreted. "Travelling with heart” is exhibited in numerous art galleries and museums in Italy and abroad, including the Italian Institute of Culture Jakarta, Indonesia and Palazzo Ottolenghi-Museo del Risorgimento, Asti, Italy. In the same year the artists also created "La vigna di Francesco", an ink-on-paper work chosen to become the label of "Laudato", the wine from the Vineyard of Pope Francis. The original work is permanently exhibited in the public collection of Portacomaro, the village of the family of Pope Francis.


Consacré à l'art


Dream in the wood

The unstoppable desire of the Delta N.A. to deepen their artistic vision leads them to exasperate their creative language to create a new series of works focused on the tension between dreams and reality, redefining the borders of reality and offering a new approach to interpretate our life and showing that dreams are a hidden part of our present that con be revealed only following heart’s voice. With this series titled "Life in the Shadow" the Delta N.A. explore a new dimension of their soul, giving life to artworks with strongly existential themes that are presented in 2019 at the Ex-chiesa del Gesù, Paleontological Museum, Asti, in a solo exhibition entitled "Under the light of destiny", curated by Liconi Arte Galleria and in collaboration with MM18 Association, Ars Magistris Magazine and Paleontological Museum. The exhibition is held under the patronage of Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Asti and Città di Asti.


Solitudine riflessa - Mirrored solitude

Still in 2019 the works of the duo are chosen by Outskirt Art - Los Angeles, American gallery specialized in the inclusion of Contemporary Art in Film and TV series; while the sculpture "Under the light of destiny" is included in the international exhibition "La Porta Nuova" at Teatro Paesana in Turin, curated by Ermanno Tedeschi and sponsored by Giubileo per l'Arte. In the same year the work "Enlighted heart - homage to the Cathedral of S.Martino in Lucca and S.Teresa d'Avila" gives artists the first place in the International Artistic Certamen on the Great Western Cathedrals organized by the art critic Melinda Miceli and their inclusion in the Italian Encyclopedia of Art, in the section from the '900 to today. In 2020 the artistic duo arrives in Japan, thanks to the collaboration with Arti Services and Tricera Art Gallery, both based in Tokyo; their works are also chosen for the project DNP Print, which provides for the creation of a limited number of high-quality prints of artworks by international artists for the Japanese market.

Also in 2020, following the spread of infection from Covid-19 , Delta N.A. participate in the international project "Covid-19 Artist Stories" curated by Marisa Caichiolo at the Building Bridges Art Exchange Foundation in Los Angeles and in collaboration with the Museum La Neomudejar in Madrid. This project was followed by countless virtual international exhibitions in: Pakistan with the Oyster Art Galleries in Lahore, India with Malfarin Gallery in Bangalore, Ecuador at the Bellas Artes Foundation in Guayaquil, New York with Artpot Virtual Gallery and London with Ancel Gallery.

The artistic duo concluded 2020 by inaugurating the solo exhibition entitled "Voice of the heart, paintings and sculptures by Delta N.A." curated by Carlotta Canton at the Art space Punto 65 in Turin.