WAC Launches Business Membership For Architecture And Interior Design Firms

The World Architecture Community has launched a new Business Membership for architecture and interior design firms as part of its Professional Membership. WAC's new Business Membership will offer a range of benefits for architecture and interior design offices that want to increase their visibility in digital media. To be a WAC Business Member, architects or interior designers must first create a membership account on WAC and then continue by clicking the "Upgrade Now" button in WAC Settings. WAC's Business Membership is only $60, offering a 40% discount valid until 1 May 2024.


With Business Membership, which is part of our Professional Membership, Business Members will have almost the same benefits as Professional Members. The only difference is that Business Members will not be able to submit a single project free-of-charge to each cycle of the WA Awards 10+5+X competition. Find out more benefits and details for Business Membership on the website.

The aim of our Business Membership is to reach smaller and medium-sized offices and promote their offices and projects as detailed as possible on WAC at much more affordable prices. From now on, only the projects of Professional and Business Members who have created their Office will be displayed on WAC's Projects page.

Most importantly, as Business Members, they will be able to Vote in the active cycle of the WA Awards 10+5+X competition and see which members voted for their projects. Moreover, Business Members' projects will have the possibility of being selected by the WAC editors and presented on the WAC News and our social media.

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