The logic of the spatial narrative and the variability of emotional perception

Kerimov Architects has designed a 580 sq. m private residence for an interior designer in Islavskoe village (Moscow region, Russia). The house is located on a topographically complicated site, on a slope, with a pine forest in the upper part, and a glade in the lower part.adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-1The building is placed in the sunny part yet surrounded by tall pines that provide shade and privacy. The architecture of the house is moderate and harmonious since color, materials (quartz stone and metal, which will oxidize over time), as well as the rhythm of the elements of the facade perfectly integrate the residence into the natural environment.adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-10Distinctive features of the project are the logic of the spatial narrative and the variability of emotional perception. Owners and guests drive up to the house from the lower road, leave the car and go up the terraces. In front of the house, on the left side, there is a lounge area with a fireplace.adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-11The project uses an open planning principle when the outer contour of the house forms various functional areas. The first floor of the house is conditionally divided into two blocks: public – with a living room in the center, a dining room, and a kitchen, private – with a master bedroom, a bathroom, and a wardrobe, as well as a sauna. On the second floor, along the perimeter, there are two children's rooms, two guest rooms, and an office, the central part is an open atrium.adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-13adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-14The unique location of the house and the design solutions together have made it possible to achieve the effect of several environments differently affecting the psychological and emotional state. Standing on the main terrace, a person sees a sunny meadow; being on the back terrace, a little in the lowland, he is surrounded by a pine forest. On the second floor, one of the terraces overlooks the country road, and the rear terrace faces the forest, allowing you to see the surroundings from the height of the "tree house". It turns out that, being in the same house, the owners and guests get to experience a different perception of space.adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-5adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-7In the upper part of the site, there is a 70 sq. m house for staff, with its own access road and parking. This facility of a laconic design is made in dark colors so it’s not stand out against the forest context.
At the lower part of the road, there is a garage with an area of 80 square meters.adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-6adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-4adf-web-magazine-house-with-four-views-kerimov-architect-16

About Shamsudin Kerimov Architectural Bureau

Kerimov Architects is an international architectural bureau founded in 2011 by Shamsudin Kerimov and Ekaterina Kudinova. The bureau is A’Design Award and Architecture MasterPrize winner, and Architizer A+ Awards finalist, one of the projects was awarded as The Best of Archello 2021.