East Lake Ecological and Life Art Project

Following the successful holding of the 1st East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennale in November 2017, East Lake Ecological and Life Art Project was launched in Shimenfeng Memorial Park to commence a brand new artistic exploration after an intense and rewarding preparation of more than one year. This upgraded new art project, based on its regionality and growth potential, will be implemented in a long-term and step-by-step manner. The project encompasses three sections, namely, "Ecological Installation," "Ecological Architecture," and "Ecological Garden," of which Japanese curator Fram Kitagawa, Director of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale and Setouchi Triennale, is the Chief Curator. This project takes the initiative to interpret life aesthetics, to explore and reconstruct the connections and meanings of art and life, and to embark on the way of innovation in the life industry. It will lay a new foundation for the upgrade of ecological culture in Shimenfeng Memorial Park and the promotion of the overall development in art and culture in Wuhan.


Led by Fram Kitagawa, East Lake Ecological and Life Art Project will invite
internationally renowned artists and architects to launch site-specific projects and work on the strength of local resources. Appropriating the frontier practice of contemporary art, the project will delve into the unique cultural value of Shimenfeng and manifest the ecological and life charm in light of art. After its completion, works of the project will become the permanent collection in Shimenfeng Memorial Park and will be open to the public. At the launching ceremony on Dec. 15th, Chief Curator Mr. Fram Kitagawa elaborated in-depth on the long-term plan and the primary curatorial scheme of the art project. The official launching of East Lake Ecological and Life Art Project initiated the first contact of Wuhan, a land of rich artistic and cultural origins, with international pioneer curators, and its smooth collaboration with world-class artistic resources. A new chapter of development in public art in Wuhan and central China is thus written. More details will be announced soon.