"Michikusa: Walks with the Unknown" Exhibition

We have arrived at a critical point in history when the impact that human activities have on the planet—from extreme weather conditions to environmental pollution—is a matter of intense debate around the world, leading to calls for governmental responses both politically and economically. Against a backdrop of such increasing social awareness, this exhibition features works of contemporary art created out of interests in plants and fieldwork, through which it explores the way humans have developed alongside the environment. It considers the connections between humans and nature, as seen in drawings, photography, video works, installations, and more by five artists and one group. They focus their practices on botanical history and the nonhuman.


The exhibition also features a program of related events where participants can imagine and share their visions of future relationships between humankind and the environment. With workshops and a reference room about adapting to climate change, the exhibition creates opportunities for visitors to learn through dialogue and hands-on experience while thinking on an individual basis about global problems and social coexistence.


  • Lois Weinberger
  • Keiji Tsuyuguchi
  • Law Yuk-mui
  • mixrice (Cho Jieun, Kim Jungwon, Ko Gyeol)
  • Uriel Orlow
  • Yoichi Kamimura

"Michikusa: Walks with the Unknown" INFO

VenueContemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
PeriodAugust 29 - November 8, 2020
HolidaysMonday *except for November 21st
AdmissionGeneral ¥900