The new Professional Memberships for Designers, Service Providers, Constructors

The World Architecture Community (WAC) has announced the introduction of a new professional membership. WAC's new section, Professionals, comes in addition to WAC’s existing WAC Professional Membership, which previously only included Architects and Interior Designers.


The top image: Heesoo Kwak / IDMM Architects' project Fort & Port. Image © Jaeyoun Kim.

WAC’s new service, Professionals, will be a large Directory where many local and international professionals can showcase their offices, products and services across a range of mediums, including photography, 3D rendering and visualization, product design, landscape, design and drawing program tools & software, technology, PR and construction.

The new section will ensure the offices, services and products of Professionals from different industries stand out from the online turmoil and are seen directly by the world's widest and most relevant architectural community. WAC’s Directory will help new Professionals win professional architects as clients. Our new section will be a large, digital guide for stakeholders working in different industries to be easily reached by professional architects. This is not a simple profiling index, but a comprehensive representation that allows easy access to offices,

WAC editor-in-chief Berrin Chatzi Chousein

After purchasing a one-year subscription, and filling office information, WAC Professionals will directly be listed on the new Professionals page and be visible on the WAC’s homepage. The membership will also contain a series of enhanced features over their profiles.

The new Professional Memberships section

  1. Architecture Professional
  2. Design Professional
  3. Services & Tools Professional
  4. Construction Professional

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If you’re a Design Professional or Service & Tools Professional, sign up here and join WAC Professionals. 

Professional Membership

WAC’s Professional Membership benefits change depending on the industry professional. Find out more information about benefits and prices. 

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