"ADF Design Award 2023" Jury Results Announced

NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF), a non-profit organization, announced the results of the judging for the "ADF Design Award 2023", an award for architects from around the world, and has decided on the Grand Prize-winning work, the Category Excellence Award, and the Encouragement Award. The Grand Prize went to Kazuhiko Mashiko & Mikami Architects / Oshida Architects  (Japan). Congratulations to all the winners.

This award is a significant design competition with a total prize of US$100,000 and a jury of five world-renowned figures in the architecture and design industry. The winners will be able to attend the Milan award ceremony and exhibit their works. We would like to thank all those who entered the competition and all those who supported the organization of the competition. We will keep you posted on the details of the award-winning entries.


What is the "ADF DESIGN AWARD 2023"

"ADF Design Award 2023" was looking for innovative, cutting-edge and challenging architectural designs from around the world; designs that are well-thought ecologically, beneficial to human, creative and innovative from the introduction phase, and not to mention, beautiful on the surface. The winning project will get a chance to  be exhibited the ADF venue in Fuori Salone during the "Milano Salone (Salone Internazionale del Mobile)", the world's largest furniture fair scheduled to be held in April 2023, as a supplementary prize.

  1. Beauty: Artistic value in shape, color, detailing, and material selection
  2. Innovation: Responding to social changes, using new materials, innovative construction processes, and pioneering designs. Innovation is a challenge within limited conditions.
  3. Usefulness: The building is beneficial and sustainable for its users and the environment.
  4. Regional/Cultural/Chronological: The building blends with and differentiates itself from the region, and its superficial beauty fits with the times and cultural context.
  • Best Performance Award: US$20,000
  • Excellence Award by category: US$10,000
  • Encouragement Award by category: US$1,000

Winners of the "ADF Design Award 2023"

Grand Prize winner
  • Kazuhiko Masuko & Mikami Architects / Oshida Architects (Japan)
Category ① Hospitality
  • Excellence Award: Senthil kumar Doss (India)
  • Encouragement: Award Tsukasa Ono (Japan)
Category ② Commercial & Office
  • Excellence Award: None
  • Encouragement Award: Peter Logan Architect with Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects (USA)
Category ③ Education and Sports
  • Excellence Award: None
  • Encouragement Award: Elisabeth Rüthnick (Germany)
Category ④ Cultural Building
  • Excellence Award: Kazuhiko Masuko & Mikami Architects / Oshida Architects (Japan)
  • Encouragement Award: Takuro Yamamoto Architects & Engineers (Japan)
Category ⑤ Public Building
  • Excellence Award: None
  • Encouragement Award: None