Bold geometries and sophisticated details

From any angle, its form is inviting and warm. The Joli armchair, designed by the Swedish Note (design studio) for the historic Friulian brand Zilio A & C, is striking at first glance for its backrest.


Close-up of plush backrest of Joli armchair
Photo credit: ph ©Zilio A & C

"Designed for dining and meeting rooms, Joli also seamlessly fits into hospitality settings. Approaching the table around which the chair is placed, its rear aspect is immediately eye-catching. We started our design process here, collaborating closely with Zilio A & C's technical and artisanal experts to unmistakably shape Joli’s character”, the team at Note explains.


Joli armchair in natural beech finish in a dining room setting (detail)
Photo credit: ph. Paolo Riolzi


Joli armchair in natural beech finish in a dining room setting
Photo credit: ph. Paolo Riolzi

The armchair's signature is its plush, voluminous backrest geometry, which blends effortlessly with the frame of natural or wengé-stained beech wood. This frame stands out for its simplicity and durability. Zilio A & C’s masterful craftsmanship ensures that every detail radiates warmth and generosity.


Photo credit: ph. Paolo Riolzi


Photo credit: ph. Paolo Riolzi

"Working with the Note team, who previously designed the Candid stool and Arkad pouf system for us, is continually inspiring. Like its predecessors, Joli embodies design purity and the ability to evoke both subtle and profound emotions, resonating with our minimalist approach and meticulous attention to material beauty," Carlo Zilio, CEO of Zilio A & C, remarks.

Bridging residential and commercial spaces, Joli reaffirms the company’s knack for forging global designer collaborations. Founded in 1951 near Manzano's chair district in Udine, now under Carlo Zilio's third-generation leadership, the company skillfully combines deep-rooted craftsmanship with innovative designs that capture the international market's imagination.


Close-up of plush backrest of Joli armchair in natural beech finish
Photo credit: ph ©Zilio A & C


Photo credit: ph ©Zilio A & C


Photo credit: ph ©Zilio A & C

About ZILIO A & C

Zilio A & C stands as a historic entity within the Manzano Chair District, crafting chairs and home furnishings for over 70 years. This company, where expertise is passed from father to son, fosters a delicate synergy between fine woods, traditional craftsmanship, modern technologies, and genuine, tangible international reach. Refined and minimalist style, a sophisticated palette of selected materials, and meticulous attention to every design and construction detail distinguish Zilio A & C's hallmark. Its furnishings and accessories for residential and contract spaces preserve their value and beauty over time.

About NOTE (design studio)

Established in Stockholm in 2008 and now operating globally, NOTE (design studio) is a forward-looking design practice with a strong collective spirit. Spanning various disciplines, from architecture, interior, and product design to strategy, graphics, and art direction, the studio is as multifaceted as the spaces and contexts it engages with. Each project features a high degree of customization in dialogue with the client and a deep commitment to the integrity of their work. NOTE (design studio) blends its extensive experience with a creative mindset open to new possibilities. For any project or creation, their aim is to engage the senses, evoke genuine emotions, and foster a dialogue rich with meaning.