Ambientec presents TURN+, a contemporary and normadic portable lamp

Japanese light design brand Ambientec creates sophisticated portable lamps that blend a jeweler’s craftsmanship with the rigor of optical science. Nomadic objects that travel to us from the future and speak to memories of the past. Essential, poetic forms meet advanced and ultra-reliable technology for a new conception of the accent lamp as a work of functional art, something to build a personal and sentimental relationship with. Something to carry with you from room to room in any situation. And now a new addition to the collection comes in the form of TURN+, a contemporary lamp designed by Nao Tamura.


turn+ by ambientec
photo credit : danielkaihirao

TURN+ project is a synthesis of high-tech lighting, carefully detailed artisanal craftsmanship, fine materials, and evocative designs. Nao Tamura, who previously designed the portable work and desk lamp TURN for Ambientec, was inspired by natural light and the gentle, familiar lines of classic lanterns in designing TURN+.


The exterior of TURN+ is made in aluminum, brass or stainless steel, all extremely durable metal
Photo credit : Hiroshi Iwasaki


Ambientec’s portable, rechargeable and waterproof lamps are made with masterful precision in ultra-sturdy materials that make them - in terms of both style and durability - indestructible.
Photo credit : Danielkaihirao

Thanks to the integrated touch sensor and two types of LED segments, a simple gesture is all it takes to adjust the light to one of four different gradations. It ranges from an intimate, candle-like glow to create a meditative atmosphere, to a more intense light ideal for gatherings and celebrations, to a restful light perfect for reading by. The exterior is made in aluminum, brass, or stainless steel, all extremely durable metals.Another unique feature of TURN+ is the choice of solid glass for its diffuser. Carved, honed, and polished to perfection, this material brings greater depth to the light by guaranteeing natural refraction, difficult to achieve with LED technology alone.Rechargeable and portable, TURN+ provides up to 500 hours of light. It is also waterproof, meaning it can be used outdoors, on balconies, and in gardens.“Light is a powerful symbol of vitality and hope, and TURN+ is intended to be a light that you keep close by, to keep you company through all the moods and moments of your life. A lamp that you light by gently touching it is one that can create a strong sensory and emotional bond,” explains designer Nao Tamura.Along with the launch of


The diffuser is made of solid glass. The material is carved, honed, and polished to perfection to bring greater depth to the light by guaranteeing natural refraction, difficult to achieve with LED technology alone.
Photo credit : Hiroshi Iwasaki


Wireless, thus personal by definition, Ambientec lamps invite you to reach out and touch them both physically and visually, through an experimental design based on an intense purity of form and the vivid sensory qualities of their materials.
Photo credit : Danielkaihirao

TURN+, Ambientec is also unveiling their redesigned logo, the work of graphic designer Edward Leida, who explains: “The new graphics emphasize the harmonious balance between the concepts of environment and technology, offering a unified vision of the company’s identity, values, and background."


Ambientec_Logotype White on Black

about ambientec

ambientec, founded by yoshinori kuno, builds on extensive experience in the field of professional lighting for underwater photography, designed to illuminate the darkest depths of the ocean. now ambientec brings that know-how into the world of design. Their innovative lamps are wireless, waterproof, and integrated with exclusive led technology and ideal for any home. “We explore the relationship between people and light, to create new atmospheres for every setting through technological means and by designing lamps that last a lifetime,” states Yoshinori Kuno, ceo of ambientec.