Marimeko proposed a virtual event: "The Marimekko Summer Market" to celebrate its 70th year of activity

Since 1951 Marimekko brand catches our attention with exciting colors and patterns. We are constantly fascinated by floral motifs to linear shapes, from the countenances of animals to uncontaminated nature.

This year, to celebrate its 70th year of activity, the brand proposed a virtual event: "The Marimekko Summer Market." The website lets brand lovers virtually try clothes from the Spring-Summer 2021 collection and share their looks through a digital booth. Games, music, and fun graphics accompany the event, offering a significant and fantastic involvement.

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This virtual experience comes in the perfect Marimekkos’ style: cheerful and joyful. These are the fundamentals for the philosophy of a brand that has crafted an authentic lifestyle. Throughout its history - which began with the manufacture of ladies' dresses - the brand has broadened its horizons by launching into the production of accessories, home decor and more. From cups to cushions, from bags to umbrellas with bright colors and bright patterns, it always remains faithful to those principles that have made it unique and recognizable all over the world.

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Founded in the 1950s, Marimekko began to take its first steps in the market to create clothes. The elegance of silk-screen printing begins to fascinate the whole world so much so that it conquered America. First lady Jacqueline Kennedy - undisputed styles' icon - wore a Marimekko dress for the election campaign of her husband John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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Marimekko is not about trendy fashion.

We make timeless and lasting products, which, by chance, are often very fashionable.

Armi Ratia - 1978, founder of Marimekko

Always keeping the brand name high, the designers who collaborate with Marimekko use high-quality materials, creating simple and elegant products. They made unique and memorable motifs, influenced by the unspoiled Finnish nature, geometric and abstract shapes, and a pinch of insubordination. One of these is the iconic Unikko floral motif - from the Finnish "poppy." Created by the Finnish designer Maija Isola, it was born from a moment of rebellion against the rules imposed by Armi Ratia - founder of the brand - and today it is widely considered the company's symbol.

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Another attractive print - also made by Maija Isola - is the one for the Kaivos' fabric. The designer, mesmerized by the rings of water formed on the surface in a well, proposes the same motif on a strong and resistant material.

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In 2009 the designer Maija Louekari proposed Siirtolapuutarha - from the Finnish "plot of land" – which gives life to urban nature with a pattern illustrated by black and colored flowers.

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Sami Ruotsalainen designs Oiva tableware, re-proposing elements of nature. The movement of trees moving with the wind, foggy mornings and golden grasses decorate the entire collection.

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An interesting article by Karen MacKenna - a Canadian photographer and writer - illustrates Finnish design and culture in a few lines. Citing her words:

Some people dream in color, others in black and white.

The Finns take their dreams and turn them into a design to love.

A timeless design that becomes a lifestyle and that accompanies us everywhere: Marimekko!