Bathroom Accessories that Brings Relaxation, Silence and Peace

GEDY launches ISIDE Bathroom Accessories that represent an aesthetically successful design combining a full area with an unusual projection. The soap dish evoking a milled pebble can also be used in the bathroom as a bowl for storing jewelry. Pleasant to the touch thanks to the smooth surface, made of polyresin with an admixture of sand for stability, and in black with chrome, the ISIDE accessories are absolutely stunning. It is especially suitable for a spa-style bathroom.



The concept of the ISIDE Bathroom Accessories Series was born from the desire to create light elements for the bathroom and sauna space, to activate in moments of relaxation, silence and peace. 


GEDY is a company founded by Luigi De Luca. Production of Bathroom Accessories includes Resin, ABS, Metal, Porcelain, Glass and Wood. Its mission is to solve decorative and functional needs for all types of bathroom. It's committed to create the best possible offer of Italian design accessory items in terms of innovation, wide range and competitiveness. It aims to create value for collaborators, partners and clients combining professional expertise with social and environmental responsibility.