Installations and projects by Israeli designers are presented

The twelfth edition of Jerusalem Design Week returned last month to the Hansen House- Cultural Center for Design and Technology. Israel’s foremost design event, Jerusalem Design Week showcased a wide range of exhibitions, installations, and projects created especially for this year's theme, by more than 200 Israeli and international designers.


Hansen House
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi

Rooted in the discipline of design, each one is based around the event’s annual theme, ‘Lies & Falsehoods'. The theme aimed to explore the role of the designer through works that explore the importance of illusion—that conceal and deceive, creating parallel realities—alongside works that deal with disclosure and honesty, examining the possibility of truth and authenticity, despite an abundance of lies and falsehoods.


A Shadow Is Present
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi


Blackout Protocol by HQ Architects
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi


Blackout Protocol by HQ Architects Photo credit: Dor Kedmi

Alongside all exhibitions and installations, a wide daily line-up of events took place throughout the week at the JDW open patio, inviting the audience to join enriching talks with philosophers, creative individuals, and experts on design, science, and technology. More than 10,000 photoshoot postcards, Ai generated bills, machine made love notes, believers’ T Shirts, chatGPT debates, and white lie candy canes were given away to visitors.


Fountain Of Youth
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi


Holyland Civilians
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi


In-Line V2 by Nohlab
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi

Throughout history, design has been mobilized in service of political, religious, and sociological ideas—a tool for disseminating messages and shaping narratives. As for the designers themselves, some were passionate supporters of the ideology they promoted, others were forced to harness their talent for the cause, and yet others simply made a lucrative decision. Either way, the aspiration to design people’s attitudes has led to the creation of some of the most iconic objects, posters, and typographies in the history of material culture.


The Uncanny Valley of Future Food
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi


Wooden Wood
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi


Matryoshka 2.0 by Yonatan Levi
Photo credit: Dor Kedmi

About Jerusalem Design Week

Launched in 2011, Jerusalem Design Week is the largest and most influential public event dedicated to design in Israel, with a variety of events, shows, and international and local exhibitions. JDW is the flagship project of Hansen House, which initiates and hosts extensive and diverse activities to promote design in Jerusalem, and Israeli designers in general.