ADAT presents an innovative and sustainable residential block in Manhattan

ADAT Studio presents Opera169, a six-story residential building in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Carried out for Harrest, an international real estate development company, the new project aims to maximize outdoor spaces and promote a sense of belonging in a green and historic New York neighborhood.


Opera169, Street view
Photo credit: ADAT

The Opera169 project features the work of newly founded, multidisciplinary ADAT Studio, led by Antonio Atripaldi and Andrea Debilio. ADAT Studio leverages decades of experience by the two architects and is driven by civic and environmental awareness aimed at building needed change through integrated science. With a large Dominican expat community and Latin-flavored shops, restaurants, and outdoor markets, Washington Heights is considered a model of integration and sustainable development in Manhattan. The mission of Opera169 is to respect the DNA of Washington Heights, while introducing a new and innovative concept in residential buildings. The project respects and enhances the neighborhood's green character and diverse community.


Opera169, neighborhood
Photo credit: ADAT

The six-story volume on 169th Street, with its geometrical lines and brick facades, respects the material palette of the urban context. A thoroughly studied layout for every level allows for optimizing the plot's usage, and maintaining a green backyard as the outdoor extension of the basement unit. There are 8 apartments in total, and storage rooms in the cellar provide extra space for each, while a shared lobby provides an ideal location for mingling with the neighbors. 


Opera169, interior
Photo credit: ADAT

True to the principles of their work, and based on an integrated design focused on wellbeing and sustainability, ADAT Studio has proposed private balconies for all units. The balconies will infuse life into the rear of the building and its streetfront, fostering interaction between inhabitants in an urban context. The highlight of the shared facilities of Opera169 is a communal roof terrace (740 SF). Green roofs are a nature-based solution that help shape a more resilient and equitable urban environment. If effectively designed and sited, they can improve stormwater resiliency, filter air pollution, moderate extreme heat, decrease carbon emissions, create more biodiversity, and provide new recreational spaces.


Opera169, Streetview
Photo credit: ADAT

Opera169 by ADAT Studio, carried out for Harrest, is a residential building with a human scale that respects the neighborhood vocation for green spaces, while answering the needs of a post-pandemic society that is more conscious than ever of the value of social interaction and direct contact with nature. The projecy is currently under development and is scheduled for completion in 2024.

About ADAT

ADAT is a multidisciplinary office focused on Integrated Design, from large-scale planning to interactive furniture and devices. With a vast network of employees, collaborators, and consultants, the office develops projects from early concept to on site-supervision, always maintaining a rigorous approach oriented to visionary concreteness. The office, founded in 2022 in Rome by Antonio Atripaldi and Andrea Debilio, combines decades-long experience gained with major international firms and extensive knowledge of design and technological construction processes to resolve complex design solutions at all scales.

About Harrest

Harrest is an international real estate development company, with headquarters in Italy and USA. The company focuses on areas with high growth potential and specializes in high-end residential and mixed-use projects. Harrest was the creator and developer of The San Giorgio Condominium, the fastest residential building to completely sell in Harlem’s 21st Century Renaissance.