Rooftop garden in line with the Zero Seal House concept

Stephan Maria Lang Architects proudly introduce House LW27, a residence situated in Munich, Germany. In a high class residential area, a large volume residence had to be constructed on a relatively small site. Located next to a sizeable outdoor pool, there was very little space for a garden. Therefore, a decision was made to create a rooftop garden to closely align with the concept of a zero-seal house, meaning sealed areas are given back to nature on the rooftop.


Photo credit: Sebastian Kolm

The side borders are hidden by a series of newly planted canopy trees, which provide natural sun protection. On ground level, an open floor plan flows freely from east to west along the pool. Floor to ceiling sliding windows allow inside / outside living throughout the year.

The upper floor features a bedroom area with ensuite bathrooms and separate dressing facilities, and a lush rooftop terrace with whirlpool that is reserved for the hardworking parents. A sensual minimalistic atmosphere is carefully detailed with great attention to natural and artificial lighting, inclusing a unique light feature in the entree that was designed and handcrafted by world renowned Austrian Bartenbach Light.

About Stephan Maria Lang

Inspired by the organic architecture of Californian modernism, Stephan Maria Lang developed a unique form of art that, like a timeless classic, has outlived the transformation of fashion. As an intuitive partner, the architect guides clients through diverse design possibilities. Through the fulfillment of wishes, he transform the visionary space of a green site into an inhabitable, comfortable masterpiece of architecture. Alongside his team, he manages every little detail of the site and building processes. Stephan Maria Lang possesses an extraordinary talent for grasping the special qualities of any given site, and then combining them with the personality of his clients. His projects, with their atmospheric visual composition, illustrate the diversity and individuality of his work. The quality and beauty of Stephan Maria Lang's works lay in hidden details, in the surprising views, in the play of light and shadow, and in the integration of landscape, garden, and interior into a Gesamtkunstwerk, an integrated and holistic masterpiece of architecture. His projects make use of the latest technologies in a matter of course in order to meet the need for comfort and energy efficiency, thus revealing the complexity of his fascinating architecture. However, the essential qualities of this way of life are inspiration from Japanese thought, an appreciation of patina, and the beauty of the imperfect.