"Modernism, Innovation, and Tradition meaningfully Come Together in Our Work"

Widely recognized as among the contemporary virtuosos of modern architecture and design, SWATT+PARTNERS masterfully orchestrates a symphony of architecture and topography within its wide-ranging body of work. The studio's portfolio, which includes more than 200 luxury residences and estates across California, Hawaii, Canada, India, and Spain is unique in its focus on structures that poetically embrace the land on which they sit, often seeming as though they were always there.


Moss Rock: Supported by two cast-in-place concrete core elements, the new structure is a crisp wood-framed glass box that hovers just above the flat portion while it soars above the down-sloping topography on the south-west corner of the building.
Photo credit: Jason Liske


Kojima House: The interior design by Momo Wong Design features an understated palette which complements the architecture.
Photo credit: Nils Timm


Kojima House: Materials such as wood, concrete, glass and travertine are composed to create an elegantly modern aesthetic.
Photo credit: Nils Timm

SWATT+PARTNERS' one-of-a-kind commissions can be described as hand-crafted from start to finish: At the onset, a 3-D computer modeling study provides unparalleled information about architecture and its relationship to a site. The 3-D computer modeling process is then translated into physical design study models—a design tool which borrows from the sculptural tradition. The scale and complexity of the studio's work means that the construction period can be lengthy, and intensely collaborative among the studio, client, builder, and the rest of the project team.


Kojima House: Floor-to-ceiling glass walls invitingly connect interior spaces to the outdoors.
Photo credit: Nils Timm


Kojima House: Like the main structure, the pool and adjacent pool house are surrounded by lawns, gardens and nature.
Photo credit: Nils Timm


Kojima House: A koi pond adds a welcoming touch to the entry.
Photo credit: Nils Timm

The studio's characteristically expansive architectural volumes are thoughtfully "knitted into the land," as Swatt sees it. Whether the setting is a European cliffside or the lush wine country, the result is architecture that feels embodied by and reflective of the surrounding landscape. This is most evident in three of the firm’s most recent projects, including:

Kojima House

The team melded influences from the American Midwest, as well as East and Southeast Asia, with mid-century modern architectural iconography dialogs to transform this residence situated amongst a lush, Northern California valley, surrounded by bay and mountain views.

Moss Rock

Taking their inspiration from a rocky ridge overlooking an undulating wine region, the team created strikingly minimalist architectural forms for this home office that is surrounded by untamed nature, and refined, man-made landscapes.


Moss Rock: Ground Studio Landscape Architecture’s rigorous design pairs seamlessly with nature and the beautiful simplicity of Swatt + Partners’ architecture to exquisite effect. The rest of the project team includes Jamba Construction and Yu Structural Engineers.
Photo credit: Jason Liske


Moss Rock: Nature is reflected in the pool which is the centerpiece of the garden.
Photo credit: Jason Liske


Moss Rock: The structure was designed for net-zero energy consumption and is off-the-grid.
Photo credit: Jason Liske

Casa Athena

Consisting of a new home and two levels of an adjacent four-story apartment building, the team designed this residence to sit atop a steep cliff and purposefully connect blue sky to the deep sea.

Despite the analogousness to large-scale sculpture of many of SWATT+PARTNERS' work, Swatt considers the studio's work "comfortably livable." He emphasizes that it is the human activity of the people dwelling within these spaces that will, over time, give the studio's work the beautiful patina of structures that are not only well-lived in, but which stand the test of time.


SWATT+PARTNERS is an award-winning architectural firm with a special focus on creating unique, one-of-a-kind custom homes, carefully tailored to their sites and to the dreams of the families they design for. Robert Swatt, FAIA, with partners Miya Muraki, AIA, and Phoebe Wong-Oliveros, AIA, along with a talented team of architects and designers, bring a wide range of experience to SWATT+PARTNERS. With dedication to their clients, they provide the highest levels of design and management for each project.