Multifunctional Prefabricated Parametric Exoskeleton

andblack design studio unveils Darwin Bucky, a black box that can be used as an exhibition gallery, a town hall, an expo center, a performance arena, or even serve as a bar or a nightclub. It is designed to be placed in public gardens, exhibition grounds, or even in a city center. The city of Ahmedabad was chosen as the cultural context, with similar performance theaters scattered around the city.


Photo credit: Vinay Panjwani

Concept & Form

Darwin Bucky aims to strike a balance between materiality and technological advancements in the field of design, and to engage the craft knowledge of metal as a material. The design process involves highly efficient parametric models which allow customization of several variables to achieve the specified volume. The computational model can adapt to the base diameter and dynamic heights to achieve material efficiency through optimized tessellation.


Restaurant and Bar (Render)
Photo credit: Darwin Projects


Black Box Theatre
Photo credit: Vinay Panjwani


Meditation Retreat (Render)
Photo credit: Darwin Projects

Materials and Assembly

Darwin Bucky is designed as a prefabricated kit of parts that can be dry-assembled on-site and disassembled when required. It is made of legacy materials like steel, wood, aluminum, and glass, and the durability and cost of Bucky are comparable to that of a conventional building. It does not require a plinth or a foundation to build on, nor does it require heavy equipment for transportation and erection. These unique factors make the Darwin product ideal for locations where road access is difficult, electricity is scarce, and excavation is undesirable.


Photo credit: Vinay Panjwani


Photo credit: Vinay Panjwani


Tessellated Form
Photo credit: Edmund Sumner


The unique aesthetic language is achieved with an intention of structural honesty. The spacious volume of 520m³ is achieved through a unique shell structure that is assembled on-site. A flat-pack system of 1mm thick folded metal insulated panels can be transported in a shipping container. Windows are provided on the bottom half of the form for air circulation, and a unique window panel is designed to pivot along its central axis; aligning seamlessly with the tessellated structure.


Side View
Photo credit: Vinay Panjwani


Photo credit: Vinay Panjwani


While using Darwin, an artist can create a variety of configurations of the display, stage, and audience interactions, and let the audience experience a new sight in every visit from this versatile space. The project thus becomes a positive activity generator where the community can come together, interact, and revive the connection lost during the pandemic.


Ski Resort (Render)
Photo credit: Darwin Projects


City Sqaure (Render)
Photo credit: Darwin Projects


Golf Course Setting (Render)
Photo credit: Darwin Projects

About andblack design studio

andblack design studio is an interdisciplinary design studio working in the field of architecture, interiors, art installations, and furniture design to deliver solutions at all scales. The studio focuses on the use of parametric tools and physical modeling as the primary way to evolve design. andblack’s philosophy lies in designing the process that leads to the ‘solution’. It is their utmost belief that the design process should be robust enough to inform all stages of design; from concept to detail design.