The times are now mature for IKEA to officially enter the fashion world, and it all starts from the streets of Harajuku. Behind the commercial release, whose news has been around the world these days, the capsule collection hides an interesting creative process which is assisted by a well accomplished visual research. EFTERTRÄDA both combines the intrinsic nature of the Tokyo city spot while representing it worldwide, and the declared popular/democratic inspiration rooted in the brand philosophy.


EFTERTRÄDA Lookbook - Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo for IKEA

“EFTERTRÄDA is Swedish for ‘successor’.” Could our clothing and accessories line succeed our home furnishing solutions?”

IKEA Japan

As it happened in the past, the Swedish giant featured numerous design collaboration with high-level stylists and creatives (the latest striking MARKERAD designed by Virgil Abloh or the conscious ÖVERALLT African inspired collection) to make authorial design accessible to everyone - at least while stocks last -.

After recording the enthusiastic follow-up of the consumers, these days IKEA has launched its first-ever accessories and clothing capsule collection which has been exclusively available in the IKEA Harajuku branch from July 31st until the 6th of August.


EFTERTRÄDA collection

The collection includes a t-shirt, a hoodie, an umbrella, a tote bag, a set of beach towels and water bottles. In full respect of the brand’s style, most of the items are available in white and are marked with the iconic blue and yellow logo.

A few days ago, IKEA Japan e-commerce made all items available internationally. 

Why Tokyo

The collection results from a close collaboration between IKEA Japan and the headquarters in Sweden, deliberately “inspired by, and made for, the people of Tokyo”. But why? The concept considers a specific area, the one of Harajuku, universally known as a hotbed of street styles and innovative youth trends. On top of that, the collection has imported the curious habit of young people in the city making large use of unofficial IKEA merch.

“Now it’s time for the real thing”, they said.


EFTERTRÄDA collection

The statement: the hoodie with a barcode

The most interesting garment is the hoodie: an eco-friendly cotton sweatshirt with a large barcode printed on the front, which reports "Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden" that identifies nothing less than the famous BILLY bookcase, the iconic piece of furniture which has become s symbol of the brand. Inspired by the same principles that guide the furniture design (aesthetic, function, quality, sustainability and low prices), EFTERTRÄDA promotes the sustainability of materials, from the 100 percent cotton to the recycled polyester for the umbrellas.


The lookbook and the testimonials

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo, the agency who has worked on the visual release of the collection, created a lookbook to clearly distinguish the campaign from the usual IKEA communication, together with a series of films and visuals.

To celebrate the release, they showcased a very closely portrait of the cultural melting pot of people living their real things inside their real homes: the focus is on five young “Tokyoites” expressing themselves while dressing the collection.


Leafable lookbook on Ikea Japan website, by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo

The testimonials are composed of the popular Japanese virtual model imma, the musician for 羊文学 (Hitsujibungaku) Moeka Shiotsuka, the creative director, artist and stylist Bunta Shimizu, the model Nene and the photographer and model Kyohei Hattori. The diversity is celebrated with intimacy and delicacy inside the domestic walls. At the very beginning of the lookbook, we find a quote saying “what follows is a very personal and raw project”, a statement that perfectly fits into that dimension of living which IKEA has been carrying on for years.


A frame of “EFTERTRÄDA COLLECTION: Moeka Shiotsuka ENG” (Youtube Spot)

The result is a vivid contrast between the colorful spaces and personalities of the creatives they selected and the basic collection, that then visually pops out.

Great job.

IKEA Harajuku store INFO

Address: Jingumae 1-14-30, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Credits - Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo
IKEA Japan website: www.ikea.com/jp
IKEA Japan Instagram account: @ikeajapan