Unites Global Creators to Reshape Web3 and the Metaverse

Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB), "Presence of the Future" will take place this year on September 21-24, bringing together top creators worldwide to manifest the significance of architecture and design in reshaping Web3 and the Metaverse as a powerful platform for business and culture.


Photo credit: Metaverse Architecture Biennale

Inspired by the Venice Biennale and Expo, the Metaverse Architecture Biennale showcases virtual pavilions and worlds created by architects standing in the avant-garde of digital design with such names as Killa Design, LAVA, PLP, ATRIUM, Soomeen Hahm, Spaces DAO, DA!, Il Prisma, SA lab, iheartblob, Mariana Cabugueira Studios, Illusorr, Drew Gilbert, plus fifteen foremost designers selected through the open call.


Photo credit: Metaverse Architecture Biennale

Decentraland and W3rlds, two prominent metaverse platforms, will serve as venues, creating an immersive experience for visitors. Attendees will have the opportunity to teleport between these two worlds, exploring virtual pavilions, engaging in interactive exhibits, and connecting with a global community of creators. This online event will be free and open to everyone, requiring only a computer to enter the platforms.


Photo credit: Metaverse Architecture Biennale

The First Metaverse Architecture Biennale is a visionary initiative that will serve as a platform for showcasing the innovative potential of the Metaverse and exploring its impact on various industries. During 4 days, participants will have the opportunity to engage with virtual pavilions created by top designers, attend captivating talks and performances, and discover advanced solutions for businesses in the Metaverse. In addition to the "build" environment at the Biennale, visitors will have a chance to participate in cultural and entertainment events, lectures and public talks, Architecture Carnival, and more. The public program will be published closer to the event date and will include experts from the architecture, Metaverse, design, and marketing industries. With over 50,000 expected visitors, 10 major companies, and an open call for awards, this event presents a unique chance to contribute to web3 technologies and to gain exposure to a global audience.

About Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB)

Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB) is a global initiative organized by W3rlds, Dearch Space, Metancy, and Web3 Digital Marketing, companies behind many well-known metaverse events, digital marketing campaigns, and award-winning virtual architecture projects. Decentraland and W3rlds are two of the most popular metaverse platforms, with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and hundreds of projects by different brands. The festival is supported significantly by the growing metaverse community, its creators, and companies working in the field. It also encourages more partners and media to join the event to make it a true celebration of metaverse culture and business opportunities.