Dedicated to the watches, displaying all of Cartier's watch collections

The event “Time Unlimited” by Cartier has been crossing around Asia since last year - Hong Kong, then Beijing, and Seoul - and, from the 15th of September, has opened in Tokyo at Jing Gallery in Harajuku.


Photo@Lamberto Rubino


Photo@Lamberto Rubino


Photo@Lamberto Rubino

The “Time Unlimited” event is dedicated to the watches, displaying all of Cartier's watch collections. Particular consideration is paid to four groups: SANTOS, TANK, PANTHÈRE, and BALLON BLEU.


Courtesy of Cartier

The event, divided into four rooms, explores the brand from its foundation to the present.

The first zone, “PIONEERING SPIRIT,” is hosted in a dark room illuminated by a video loop describing the story of Cartier.

Founded in 1847 by Louis Cartier, the Cartier Maison is one of the most iconic luxury brands. Many relevant people used to wear jewels made by Cartier, like Princess Mathilde (Napoleone’s niece) and King Edward VII, who in 1904 defined Cartier as "The jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers."


Photo@ Valentina Cannava

The second room, “WATCHMAKER OF SHAPES,” is a total immersion into the concept of time. The room’s set-up, made of giant Roman numbers, makes you feel like you are wandering inside a watch. Various collections are collected in this space, from TANK to BAIGNOIRE, SANTOS to CRASH to TORTUE.


Photo@Lamberto Rubino


Photo@Lamberto Rubino


Photo@Lamberto Rubino

The third room, “CULTURE OF DESIGN,” welcomes visitors with four columns and a wall projection. The room is dedicated to SANTOS, TANK, PANTHÈRE, and BALLON BLEU watches, displayed inside transparent columns with a floating mechanism.

Let’s talk a bit about the watches.

“SANTOS”, created in 1904, is the first wristwatch. The watch, designed for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, was a revolution for the men who wore watches in their pockets.

“TANK”, created in 1917 by Louis Cartier, was inspired by the new Renault tanks Cartier saw in use on the Western Front. The Tank has become one of the most highly coveted and copied wristwatches of all time and has been worn by, amongst others, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana , and Yves Saint Laurent

“PANTHÈRE” designed in 1983 and part of the Panthère collection made by Jeanne Toussaint, is the first “jewels watch”. Its ultra-flexible structure recalls the movements of the Maison's emblematic feline.

“BALLON BLEU”, born in 2007, with a circular case adorned with dial's guilloché pattern mirrors. The unisex watch has a shape that recalls the hot air balloon.


Photo@Lamberto Rubino


Photo@Lamberto Rubino

A black and red passage opens the fourth room, “TECHNIQUE SERVICE BEAUTY”. The video screen tells the story of Cartier, its fundamental principles, and the dedication the brand uses.


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Photo@Lamberto Rubino

"TOUCH AND TRY", the last room, tempts visitors to try the watches.

They can virtually enter the manufacturing building La Chaux-de-Fonds to see the artisans working on the watches.


Photo@Lamberto Rubino


Photo@Lamberto Rubino

The event's set-up, with many creative elements, is well-made.

Only a little point makes me not satisfied: the venue’s entrance.


Photo@Lamberto Rubino

In my opinion, the most critical part of an event is its entrance. Here, the visitors should start feeling inside the event. In this case, a vast empty space - all covered with red color, with the counter and some graphics - makes the room a bit too anonymous.