At Prodeuse Paris 2022, the world's lightest folding electric bicycles weighing less than 10 kg are unveiled

"With its patented lightweight 1.9 kg full-titanium VELLO frame and 8-seconds-folding mechanism, we have managed to push the boundaries for lightweight folding electric bikes. It weighs 9.9 kg, while using off-the-shelve standard component parts. This sets a huge milestone in the bike industry,” says Industrial designer and VELLO company founder, Valentin Vodev. “Furthermore, with our folding bike models, VELLO has already successfully established itself as an innovative folding bike brand in Germany and Austria. The next logical step for us is to expand into France”.


VELLO ultralight electric folding bike - unfolded
Photo credit: VELLO BIKE

All with integrated rear hub motors

  • Lightweight starting at 9,9 kg electric (6,5 kg non-electric)
  • Fast folding in 8 seconds
  • Large 20-inch wheels with small folding size (57 × 79 × 29 cm)
  • Energy recuperation
  • All-in-one electric motor with built-in battery
  • Connectivity via app
  • Electronic motor lock
  • Theft location
  • Optional external remote control with boost function

With its 4 built-in sensors and unique KERS technology (kinetic energy recovery system), known from Formula-1 cars, the battery can recharge while braking or going downhill. VELLO folding electric bikes have a wide operating range - when fully charged, the battery lasts up to 50 km at maximum engine power, and is nearly unlimited when used in full recuperation mode. The additional slope sensor, integrated into the electric motor, functions similar to a gear shift in that it adjusts the motor assistance automatically for optimal cadence. Optionally, the VELLO bikes can be equipped with the Schlumpf Drive gear system: Speed Drive for urban settings or Mountain Drive for rural ascends. With the planetary gearing Speed-Drive, speeds well beyond the 25 km/h limit for electric motors are possible with a comfortable cadence. With the Mountain-Drive, on the other hand, steeper climbs of up to 17% can be tackled easily.


VELLO ultralight electric folding bike - unfolded
Photo credit: VELLO BIKE


VELLO ultralight electric folding bike - folded
Photo credit: VELLO BIKE


VELLO bikes are high-performance and ultralight folding bikes made for city use. To master diverse demands, especially in the city, the product designer, Valentin Vodev, developed a bicycle that combines innovative technologies and a signature design to offer solutions to known urban challenges, including problems transitioning between bike riding and public transportation, and theft protection. The VELLO bike is especially light, compact, and agile, and features 20-inch wheels and a specially developed and patented folding mechanism. In a matter of seconds, it can be carried onto public transportation, loaded into a car, taken on an airplane, or be folded for storage in an apartment or office setting. In 2015, VELLO bike received the highest distinction in the design world, the Red Dot Award “best of the best,” followed in 2017 by the European Product Design Award, the Good Design and, in 2019, the Austrian Design Award and German Federal Prize for Ecodesign. VELLO was awarded the German Sustainability Award for Design in 2022.