Special collaborative work "Vulture Cars"

Abdul Vas and Scrapworld present "Vulture Cars," an exceptional collaborative effort consisting of a limited-edition capsule that includes two art toys, four t-shirts (one of them in collaboration with Minishopmadrid), two trucker caps, a set of stickers, and a fanzine limited to just 145 units.


Brian Johnson, Highway to Hell, 2023
oil on belgian linen, 62.9 x 76.7 in / 160 x 195 cm

Scrapworld is known for its ability to connect with a range of generations through an imaginative scope that includes references to the 90s, skateboarding, punk, hip-hop, rock and Japanese culture, among others. Abdul Vas is a renowned visual artist on the contemporary art circuit who has turned his aesthetic attention to integrating, with the energy of rock'n'roll, elements like skateboarding, punk, American trucks and NASCAR race cars,among other interests of his. His artistic creations boast a unique and unrepeatable intensity and strength on the contemporary art scene.


Vulture Cars “Red”


Sketch Vulture Angola Cars, 2022


Studio, 2023

The "Vulture Cars" collection is a combination of the creativity and talent of both parties, and represents the need for expression through new proposals and formats. The artist, who lives and works between Madrid and Ho Chi Minh City, has created a very particular and fascinating universe, bridging contemporary art and rock'n'roll. In particular, he has dedicated part of his artistic production to the Australian band AC / DC.

"My goal is to paint Brian Johnson's voice on the canvas. I want to capture that sound. I am obsessed with his vocal power."


SW x Mini, 2023


My Old Jacket, 2023


Studio, 2023


Scrapworld x Vulture Cars, 2023

Abdul Vas

The "Vulture Cars" capsule will be available as of May, and will feature a limited edition of 100 art toys, as well as a collector's edition "blackout" intervened by the artist himself. Abdul Vas's work has been exhibited in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe, and is included in several prestigious international collections. For more information on “Vulture Cars” and the collaboration between Scrapworld and Abdul Vas, visit the brand's official website, or follow it on social media.