What time is your favorite color?

Tokyo-based French architect, artist, and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux makes her Dutch debut with 100 colors no.45 " 8760 hours ", an installation for art museum M. in Almere. The spatial installation, commissioned by the museum for immersive art and land art, and will be on display from July 20th in the museum's pavilion in new town Almere. Visitors walking through the installation will experience the passage of time in unique and colorful ways.


Emmanuelle Moureaux 100 colors no.45 “ 8760 hours ”
Photo credit: Erwin Budding

A first for Almere

100 colors no.45 " 8760 hours ", is number 45 in the '100 colors' series. The artwork was commissioned by artmuseum M. in The Netherlands' most famous new town, Almere, and marks the first time that Moureaux's work will be displayed in the Netherlands. The installation comprises 8760 paper clocks in 100 colors, with each clock representing one hour. Together, all of the clocks depict the number of hours in one year. The installation itself is stationary, but the hands of the clocks appear to be moving as visitors walk through. 100 colors no.45 " 8760 hours " will be on view in art museum M. in Almere from July 20th. M.'s round pavilion was designed by architects duo Studio Ossidiana as a round observatory in which the solstices can be experienced. The pavilion, combined with Moureaux's installation, creates the illusion of an instrument in which visitors experience the concept of time, its passage, and the influence of color upon it.


Emmanuelle Moureaux 100 colors no.45 “ 8760 hours ”
Photo credit: Erwin Budding

This is m.

M. is a museum for immersive art and land art. Immersive means to immerse; that is exactly what the art here does as it draws visitors into it to be part of it, or even to participate in it. It is a place of art as a feast for the senses, and art that changes your view of the world. The museum is there for as many people as possible; a place to meet and spark creativity without having to know anything about art.

Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux has lived in Tokyo since 1996, where she founded 'emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design' in 2003 (now emmanuelle moureaux INC.). The vibrant colors of Tokyo inspired her to create a palette of 100 colors that she developed herself. Based on this, she makes installations worldwide under the name '100 colors' that visitors can walk in, under, or through. Through her design concept of "shikiri", which literally means "dividing (creating) space with colors", she uses colors as three-dimensional elements and layers to shape and compose spaces. With her work, she wants people to experience colors with all their senses to become more aware of the colorful, everyday environment around them.