The new language for airport design, bringing serenity, pleasure and comfort

BOIFFILS Architectures, a firm recognized for creative international architectural and design interventions for shopping centers, hotels, boutiques, and brand images, is proud to unearth its 5-year expansion project of Terminal 2 of Singapore’s internationally-renowned Changi Airport, comprising 120,000m² across three levels.


Photo credit: Changi Airport Group - Fabian Ong

The agency completely redesigned an existing terminal building, and the Paris agency’s focus on traveler experiences and connections to the earth’s elements, particularly in the Departure and Arrival halls, has provided Singapore with a new 21st century gateway to the ‘Garden City’.

A family affair

Founded in 1984 by Jacqueline and Henri Boiffils, BOIFFILS Architectures is celebrating its 40th year as a family-owned agency, now led by Basile Boiffils, DPLG architect, a second generation following in the footsteps of its founders. The agency has carved out a place in the international market as an interior design workshop for prestigious retail brands, particularly in the fashion and cosmetics industries.

An innovative presentation

The agency’s architectural and commercial approach piqued the interest of Changi administrators, leading them to include BOIFFILS Architectures in their tender for the renovation and expansion of Terminal 2. Recognized for finding solutions to complex problems, and for its familiarity with Asian culture and markets, the agency was able to bring significant artistic and cultural elements to the project.

A fluid gateway to the Garden City

As the first step in travel, airport experiences can be daunting. BOIFFILS Architectures endeavored to create a serene multi-sensory environment allowing passengers to enjoy the calming effects of nature. The project was designed as a journey across an indoor landscape encompassing minerals, water features, and lush vegetation in various forms and densities.

An unprecedented challenge

Faced with a two-year closure of the terminal during COVID-19, the Singapore airport authorities were faced with a drastic decrease in revenue, leading to discussions of cost reduction measures with BOIFFILS Architectures. However, the client sought only cost-effective alternatives that could be implemented without sacrificing on quality and experience.

Between earth and sky

Looking up, BOIFFILS Architectures designed a complex ceiling structure in the Departure Hall to conceal a world of its own, where a network of essential catwalks provides access to a multitude of mechanical systems. Developed through parametric design, they created an intricately baffled ceiling composed of aluminum blades, with each fin forming a double-curved configuration that arches and twists to fulfill its function.

A dialogue between technology and nature

Continuing with the aim of offering travelers new experiences, BOIFFILS Architectures created two spaces where nature and technology are intimately intertwined, inviting multimedia studio Moment Factory to collaborate on the creations. Travelers will have the opportunity to experience Singapore's flora through two unique immersive installations.

Sustainability and humanity at its core

The project has been proudly rated Platinium for The Green Mark Certification Scheme. The Green Mark certification is a green building rating system in Singapore designed to evaluate a building's environmental impact and performance. It provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the overall environmental performance of new and existing buildings to promote sustainable design and best practices in construction and operations.

About BOIFFILS Architectures

Founded in 1984 by Jacqueline and Henri Boiffils, BOIFFILS Architectures is a globally-renowned family firm specializing in architecture and interior design. The firm articulates its strengths around a creative core of brainstorming and innovation. In addition to the Boiffils family, they engage a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team of architects and interior designers to complete its large-scale projects.