Located in Osaka, Set to Open its Doors in March 2021

The busy urban streetscape of Osaka welcomes concrete's latest interior project: W’s first hotel in Japan. With a total of 337 guest rooms & suites, W Osaka asserts its presence with a 27-story high-rise building by Nikken and a black monolith facade designed by Tadao Ando. Created for Sekisui House and Marriott International, and in collaboration with Nikken an Nikken Space Design, the building is due to open in March 2021.



W Osaka, developed by Sekisui House and designed by architect Tadao Ando, will open for reservations on its website on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. W Osaka is located on Midosuji, the main street that connects the center of Osaka from north to south, within walking distance of Shinsaibashi, where many of the world's leading luxury brands are located, Dotonbori, where you can enjoy a wide range of gourmet foods and night out, and Minami Semba, where you can find unique stores such as designer stores from Osaka and specialty coffee shops. In addition, the Honmachi area, the business district that supports Osaka, is also conveniently accessible.

W Osaka design supervised by Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando, a world-renowned architect from Osaka, was invited to supervise the design of the hotel, which has 27 floors above ground and one below. The theme of W Osaka is "the playfulness of Osaka merchants", and it is said that Osaka merchants in those days, when excessive luxury was prohibited by the Edo shogunate, dressed modestly and quietly outwardly, but inwardly enjoyed the most luxurious and sophisticated games. W Osaka embodies the "playful spirit of Osaka merchants" of that time with its contrast of minimalist exterior and gorgeous interior.


Concrete’s team of Dutch designers explored Osaka’s past, present, and future, its urban and natural landscapes, and its fascinating culture. Visually, they discovered that Osaka is water and nature – but also neon and bright colors. Struck by the contrast between the aesthetic of Japanese minimalism and the extravagance of an urban world saturated with colors. Especially in downtown Osaka an Dotonbori – Osaka’s nightlife district – the display of flashing neon is breathtakingly vivid and joyful. The goal is to share the spirit of the city with the guests of W Osaka. And let the interior of the hotel tell a story that is truly Osaka. Celebrating the opposing – yet complementary – forces of extravagance and simplicity.




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