New campus replaces the historic Downsview Facility and elevates Bombardier as a global leader in aerospace manufacturing

Bombardier Inc. (TSX: BBD.B) celebrates the grand opening of its leading-edge Global jet aircraft manufacturing campus at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Designed by NEUF architect(e)s, the 750,000 sq ft facility sets a new standard for enabling precision, efficiency, and sustainability in the aerospace industry, achieving an integrated workplace environment similar in complexity to a healthcare complex.


A specially designed 6-metre-high blast wall [model #G20NB-6] was constructed to protect the airport's operational areas from the powerful jet engine blasts during the testing of the aircraft.
Photo credit: Adrien Williams

The new aerospace campus marks a strategic leap forward from Bombardier's decades-old Downsview Airport facility, currently slated for redevelopment. The new Bombardier facility's production layout enables faster aircraft assembly with complete lines of sight throughout the manufacturing and testing processes. NEUF created an architecture that successfully coordinates specialized teams, automated equipment, robotics, tooling and the mobilization of precision components and instrumentation, resulting in an efficient, accurate and safe production ecosystem where employees work in natural daylight environments with minimal acoustic distractions. Precise electrical, ventilation, thermal and humidity requirements necessitated a manufacturing strategy that optimizes energy use while reducing waste to align with Bombardier's commitment to environmentally responsible operations. Extensive site engineering was required to incorporate a comprehensive list of fire and life safety requirements within a small, tightly regulated site that minimally impacts neighbouring airport-related services and municipal infrastructure. The NEUF design team led a complex collaboration with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants, the City of Mississauga, Transport Canada, and NAV Canada to ensure the facility met the industry's most stringent fire, life safety, and flight operations standards.

As multimillion-dollar jets come to life, NEUF designed all aspects of this 24-hour aerospace manufacturing ecosystem to enhance employee morale and wellbeing, not just their safety. Abundant natural light, dedicated training and collaboration spaces, and visual connections across various functions boost employee motivation and productivity. Minimal travel distances between workstations, offices, and the production floor increase efficiency while contributing to employee interaction and sociability. With a 50-year track record designing industry-specific and complex technology-based projects, NEUF brought their unique expertise and tested design processes to create the latest aerospace manufacturing.


Inspired by flight: the Bombardier office reception area incorporates wing-shaped baffles overhead and a floating desk set within an abstracted cloud.
Photo credit: Adrien Williams

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