Recommended Exhibitions in Japan for November 2021

Introducing art gallery and museum exhibitions taking place across the country in December 2021. In addition to the dates, you can also find out detailed information about the works on display. For the current opening hours, check the websites of each museum before you visit them.



Art Director group "YOWAMI WO NIGIRU SUSHI YA (means “Sushi restaurant that holds weaknesses")” holds the exhibition in Omotesando Art in Gallery. Visitors are given "eyeball stickers" to vote for "eye-catching ideas." They plan to line up the highlights and aggregate the voting results on the final day. In addition, a peephole was set up in the window of the venue and the lights are turned on 24 hours a day. The peephole is Japan's first project of exhibition that can be seen even after the museum is closed.

Date: November 27 (Sat) - December 5 (Sun), 2021
Opening hours: 11: 00-21: 00 * Until 18:00 on the last day
Entrance fee: Free

"Postwar Reconstruction of Architect Junzo Sakakura and Takashimaya-Aiming for a 'Shining City' - " Nihonbashi Takashimaya


Shinjuku West Exit Plaza and Underground Parking Lot (1966), Collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Architecture, Agency for Cultural Affairs

Takashimaya is holding this exhibition to mark the 190th anniversary of its founding. The exhibition introduces architect Junzo Sakakura (1901-1969), his work, and the post-war reconstruction of Takashimaya. Sakakura worked with Takashimaya to create the department store where many people gather, amidst the high economic growth after the war and a mass consumer society. In this exhibition, you can see how richly the everyday scenery of the city was designed and learn how it was transformed into a comfortable and beautiful space.

Dates: September 15 (Wed), 2021 – February 13 (Sun), 2022
Opening hours: 11: 00-19: 00
Closed days: Monday, Tuesday, New Year holidays [27 December (Monday) - 4 January 2022 (Tuesday).
Admission fee: Free
Venue: Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. Main Building 4th Floor Takashimaya Historical Museum TOKYO

The Kyoto City Kyocera Museum 1st Anniversary Exhibition "Kyoto of Modern Architecture"


The Kyoto City Kyocera Museum 1st Anniversary Exhibition "Kyoto of Modern Architecture" and the city tour "Maimai Kyoto", which conducts about 700 courses annually, jointly sponsor the official online salon of the exhibition. The organizers of the exhibition and the architectural historians, who advise it, provide the online museum twice a month that explores the behind-the-scenes of the exhibition and the deep charm of the works on display. In addition, a small group of special tours are held exclusively for Salon members to visit famous buildings not normally open to the public.

December Schedules:
・December 6 : 7th "The Finest of Style-Night Talking about Good" Design "-"
・ December 8 : 8th "Regeneration and Modernity of the Old City-The Power of Gold Creates a' Tradition '"
Membership fee: 3,000 yen per month

"100 Years of MINGEI: The Folk Crafts Movement" 60th Anniversary Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


The 60th anniversary exhibition "100 Years of Mingei: The Folk Crafts Movement" is held at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo in Chiyoda District from October 26, 2021 to February 13, 2022. The exhibition features more than 400 works and materials, tracing the Mingei(means folk crafts) that have changed over time from the perspectives of "media," "clothing, food and housing," and "landscape maintenance."

Dates: October 26 (Tue), 2021 -February 13 (Sun), 2022
Hours: 10:00 -17:00 (until 20:00 on Fri and Sat)
Closed: Mondays (but open on January 10), New Year's Day (December 28-January 1), January 11.
Venue: National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Organizer: National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, NHK, NHK Promotion, Mainichi Newspapers

"artworks NAGOYA" Aichi pref: International Design Center NAGOYA, IdcN


"artworks NAGOYA" is currently held as part of the support projects for local artists who entrust their works to the "Bijutussoko". The exhibition creates opportunities to showcase artworks across the country, as an exhibition project that expands the value of "artworks", with the aim of creating new opportunities to connect between art lovers living in rural areas and independently working artists. Enjoy artworks by 12 emerging artists.

Dates: December 1 (Wed) - December 6 (Mon), 2021
Opening Hours: 11: 00-18: 00 * Until 16:00 on the last day
Closed Days: No closed days during the session
Venue: International Design Center NAGOYA, IdcN
Organizer: between the arts Co, Ltd.

"NEON TOKYO from the "Great Neon Exhibition" Tokyo Tower


The much-discussed "Great Neon Exhibition" held in Shizuoka late last year is joined by a new 7th artist which is on display at Tokyo Tower from December 1, 2021 to January 6, 2022. The works for "NEON TOKYO" exhibited at Shibuya Fashion Week this year and the neon symbols of the "Let us meet at Tokyo Tower" plan are also included in the exhibition.

Dates: December 1 (Wed), 2021 - January 6 (Thu), 2022
Opening hours: 11: 00-22: 00
Admission fee: Free
Venue: TOWER GALLERY (Tokyo Tower Foot Town 3rd floor)



"REAL by ArtSticker DAIKANYAMA ART WEEK" by art communication platform "ArtSticker" is held at Hillside Forum in Daikanyama Hillside Terrace. You can easily learn about various genres of art, from famous artists to works by young artists, painting, performances, VR and plays. This is a new art week that you can participate in digitally by installing the "Art Sticker" app. The ArtSticker is an art communication platform where new relationships can be formed between artists and viewers. You can use it not only on the website, but also through the smartphone apps.

Admission fee: Free
Advance reservations are required. Please make a reservation from here
Venue: Around Daikanyama