ADF Award Winner at MIID REKA Awards 2020

Hosted by The Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID),  MIID REKA Awards 2020 has revealed its winners. Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) has been supporting this award since 2018, as a corporate partner. At this year's MIID Awards, ADF Award has been founded as a new award category. The commemorable first winner was Wong Pei San from the Essential Design Integrated Sdn Bhd, who earned this award with her garden sanctuary house, "House 68" featuring astonishing floating stair cases.adf-web-magazine-miid-awards-2020-the-suspended-staircase.jpgadf-web-magazine-miid-awards-2020-house-68-is-a-garden-sanctuary

Spreading over 3,488m² of land, house 68 is composed of three distinct pavilions: entertainment, family and guest. The interior spaces surfaced with natural warm materials such as teak wood and white oak, used consistently for doors and wall panels are balanced with expansive use of white marble flooring provides the house with a subtle and reserved modern resort aesthetic.adf-web-magazine-miid-awards-2020-tropical-living-room

The SUSPENDED STAIRCASE at the entrance hall is one of the cornerstones of the house. Delicately
supported by thin hanging rods to keep the visual obstruction to a minimum, the 'lightness' of the design brings more natural light into the interior space. A warm ambience is created with concealed under step lighting that lights up the gaps between each step, further giving the sense
of floating. adf-web-magazine-miid-awards-2020-warm-ambience-is-created-with-concealed-under-step-lightingadf-web-magazine-miid-awards-2020-delicatel- supported-by-thin-hanging-rods

The main entrance stairs are paired with a second SPIRAL STAIRCASE that leads up to the master
bedroom on the second floor. The spiral stairs are designed with a single side structural stringer beam that acts as structure as well as a light source. Steps are cantilevered with the stringer and suspended again by thin rods in the middle creating a semi-open suspended column. The spiral stairs are also enveloped by a curved timber wall made out of vertical teak strips that complements the verticality of the design.adf-web-magazine-miid-awards-2020-steps-are-cantilevered-with-the-stringer

House 68 Details

LocationSelangor, Malaysia
Site Area3,488㎡
Building Area1,829㎡
Gross Floor Area2,146㎡
DesignerWong Pei San
CompanyEssential Design Integrated Sdn Bhd