Respond to the Growing Ecological and Social Need for a Different Approach to the Built Environment

Mei architects and planners introduces a free digital version of their latest book "Included. Architecture as a means for a new future". After the success of the launch of the offset print version, and at the request of many, Mei has decided to release an open-access e-book in order to make the book accessible to all, in line with the inclusive spirit on which Mei’s work and their latest book is based.


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"Included. Architecture as a means for a new future", published by nai010 publishers, explores new ways of working and building that respond to the growing ecological and social need for a different approach to the built environment. Like a ‘cookbook’, the richly colored book, designed by graphic design agency 75B, contains a layered set of ingredients to shape the architecture of tomorrow. With this book, Mei dives into an idiosyncratic oeuvre in which respect for the environment is central.


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This first overview displays 25 years of work by Mei architects and planners, and is available in both Dutch and English. From the modular Smarthouse (1995) to the wooden residential building SAWA (under construction), a fascination for intelligent building systems and for the possibilities they offer to reduce the environmental impact of construction becomes visible. Ambitious transformation plans, including the Schiecentrale, Fenix I, and the silk factory in Naro-Fominsk, demonstrate how the firm has developed into a forerunner and expert in the field of adaptive re-use and innovation in architecture.


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Photo credit: Mei architects and planners

Based on a wide palette of techniques - from facade element to culture cluster to marketing strategy - the book provides insight into Mei's design method and the way in which the studio positions itself in the planning and construction process. Underlying themes and their current relevance are discussed in conversation with various experts. Particularly due to the interest of this book for students and a younger generation of architects, Mei architects and planners wants to ensure that it is accessible to everyone.


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We are excited that, in addition to the printed version of our book 'Included', we can now also offer the free e-book. In a time that mainly revolves around complex inner-city challenges and great powers, the book shows the crucial importance of an empathetic working attitude. Our mission is to encourage students and architects to rethink the design challenge of this century. Let this book inspire you to actually take action and build a better and healthier together, accessible and inclusive for all!  - Robert Winkel, founding partner at Mei architects and planners.

The e-book version can be downloaded at the website of Mei architects and planners.

Mei architects and planners

Mei architects and planners realizes leading projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Their work is founded on respect for the environment: for the history of the location, the current context, and future living environment. Based on their expertise in the field of adaptive re-use of architectural heritage, new build projects, and complex urban development strategies, they work on designs that put the user first.