New Objets Born from Studio YO and Kishomoto Hikimono’s Collaboration

Product design office studio YO and traditional turnery manufacturer Kishimoto Hikimono has come together to produce a new type of product, "NEWTONS". It is a series of objets made by utilizing the turnery technique with a distinguish design. adf-web-magazine-newtons-studio-yo-2

Exploiting the distinct Shizuoka turnery specialization in the machining of delicate articles such as little knobs for furniture and doll tools, the craftsman Masaki Kishimoto has utilized his design and technical skills to place neodymium magnets inside these objets, enabling them to stand, hang, be supported, and sway. The connections between the various parts are unstable and ambiguous. Within the order created by the north and south poles of the magnets, coincidence and necessity create a free form. Available at studio YO's online store now.


About studio YO

StudioYO is a label founded by product designer, Yoh Mizoguchi and director and copywriter, Kyoko Mizoguchi, that designs products such as furniture and daily necessities. Through its design activities, StudioYO attempts to restore a sense of awareness and consideration of subtle details in our daily lives, while respecting the workings of nature and the work of our predecessors. 

Studio activities : planning, concept making, design, creation, art direction, packaging, publicity, and supervision related to products such as furniture and daily necessities. In addition, branding, exhibitions design, and so on.

Main Awards: German Design Award 2019 Nominee, IFDA 2021 Silver Leaf (second prize), etc.

About Kishimoto Hikimono

Since its establishment in 1950, Kishimoto Hikimono has been running Shizuoka Shimizu area's traditional industry business "turnery" for three generations. Turnery is a craft work made by using woodworking turner or a lathe to create a smooth round surface. These turnery products still live in our daily lives. We can see these works in many things such as architectural decorations, furniture legs, Hina doll props, wooden spinning top, pepper mill and so forth. adf-web-magazine-newtons-studio-yo-10