ADF Award Winner at MIID REKA Awards 2021

The Malaysian Interior Designers Association (MIID), the representative body of the Malaysian interior design industry, has announced the winners of the MIID REKA Awards 2021. As a corporate partner, Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) has supported the awards since 2018. The ADF Awards were newly established this year, and the winning entry for the second edition was the Jutite Precious Postnatal Care by designer Ar. Cheong Kah Yin, Katrine of Hoe & Yin Design Studio.adf-web-magazine-miid-reka-award-5

For the past few years, postnatal care market in Malaysia has evolved from home based to corporately operated center for the new mothers and babies born in Malaysia. Our client, Precious My Sdn. Bhd. has observed the growing opportunity for this sector where there's a need but there's nothing close to what is deserved by new mothers and babies. A serene place to rest after giving birth, nutritious foods that help to replenish their health after giving birth, professionals to look after the new mothers and new born. Precious My Sdn. Bhd. has observed for the past few years that postnatal care centers in Malaysia has been receiving numerous complaints and therefore our client has specifically set a brief for us targeting to resolve all complaints raised for the past few years. Cutting corners has been the trend in all postnatal care centers in Malaysia therefore Precious My Sdn. Bhd. has requested for 5 stars rated hotel standard accommodation where the new mothers and babies could recover better for the next 28 days. adf-web-magazine-miid-reka-award-2

The Lounge & Café

One of the most important elements or space that we felt that the client is most satisfied would be the lounge and café area. Here, there are several elements came together that create a luxury and resort ambience not only to our client but to the new mothers and babies too. The specially designed black and white marble looking floor tiles to enhance the luxury to the interior followed by the extensive wallpaper used to bring out the resort atmosphere with natural green tropical graphic. The graphic on the wallpaper are carefully selected not only it looks elegant luxury but also contribute to the relaxing ambience and vibes through it's soft natural colour tones of graphic. Marble furniture with a mix of rattan furniture enhance the lobby and café into a luxury tropical resort ambience. Elements such as beadings were used extensively around the centre including the lobby and café with modern solid vertical beading and gold lining highlights on all fixed furniture. adf-web-magazine-miid-reka-award-3adf-web-magazine-miid-reka-award-4


Accommodation rooms would be another area which filled with elegant elements where the client and their guests most happy about. The used of natural solid white oak flooring laid in herring bone provide a little warmness in each rooms. Fixed furniture too mainly comes in oak with a simple touches of gold pendant lights, black and white wallpaper with tropical plants, give luxury feel to the interior. A U-shape headboard wrapped in velvet fabric and gold lining, luxury elegant yet provide a sense of privacy for new mothers during breastfeeding. As of the en-suite bath, personal touch such as heated lamp to provide warmness to the new mothers, ionised air purifier to eliminate all bacteria and fungus, and an emergency button carefully selected and placed to provide the best support to all new mothers checking into this centre.

Event Hall

The event hall which located next to the lounge and café would be the next space that ardours the client, caring the same language from the lounge and café, here the use of black and white marble looking mosaic flooring enhance the luxury to the space and yet easy to clean and sanitised whenever needed to. Beautiful arches are crafted carrying the similar green from the lounge and café with modern vertical beading with gold plated wall lights create a beautiful backdrop for events such as weekly yoga classes, candle lights dinner for the couples as an appreciation to the wife and all parenting classes. adf-web-magazine-miid-reka-award-7

About Hoe & Yin Design Studio

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