"Unicorn" motifs, some 120 new works revolving around love

Georgie Ichikawa's first solo exhibition as an artist, after working on the creative direction of PUMA JAPAN. "LOVE : PooPoo-Corn the lucky Unicorn" will be held at Night Out Gallery from 15 to 18 March 2024. Since appointed as head designer role for PUMA × Alexander McQueen in 2007, Georgie Ichikawa has engaged in various creative endeavors, including launching his own brand and working in London, China and Japan. adf-web-magazine-georgie-ichikawa’s-first-solo-exibition-1

Currently at PUMA JAPAN as Head of Creative and Design, he has also actively contributed to societal initiatives focused on deepening awareness of LGBTQ + issues in Japan. “LOVE” marks Ichikawa’s inaugural solo exhibition as an individual artist, showcasing a unique character inspired by the unicorn. Utilizing diverse artistic techniques, ranging from indigo dyeing to 3D printing, the exhibition features approximately 120 new pieces depicting different unicorns created exclusively for this event. These unicorns convery messages revolving around the theme of “love”.

High Lights

At the exhibition, expect around 120 original artworks (planned)featuring unicorn motifs. Created Using diverse materials such as indigo, white oak, resin, music, original pigments, crystal, mirrors, cotton, sill, hemp, paper, LED lights, and acrylic, these pieces showcase various techniques created specifically for this event. All exhibited works are available for purchase at the venue.


「PooPoocorn Grid」design image


「Typical Unicorn」3D Image


Development Sketch


“Noren” deisgn work

「Love Chat with Georgie」

Since 2023, exploration of the theme of love through the podcast "Love Chat with Georgie" began (23 episodes released to date). Starting on Valentine’s Day 2024, Season2 will commence, focusing on the theme “Love and Luck”. Guests with diverse backgrounds will be invited to discuss the topic of love beyond artistic expressions, creating a space for contemplation on the subject of love.

Georgie Ichikawa - Profile

Born in 1982 to a Japanese father and British mother, Georgie Ichikawa was born in Tokyo and raised in Kamakura. At the age of 16, he moved to the UK. He obtained a Master’s degree in Fashion Design Technology from the University or Arts, London (London College of Fashion), with a scholarship. At the age of 25, Georgie became the Head Designer for PUMA × Alexander McQueen. He later returned to Japan at the age of 30 after launching his own brand in London and gaining consulting experience. Subsequently, he explored various creative fields, inducing fashion design, video production (Google / 88Rising), and designing costumes for Japanese Idol groups (STU48). In 2018, Georgie became a founding member and chairperson of MR GAY JAPAN, contributing to raising awareness of LGBTQ + issues in the country. In 2020, he conducted a same-sem marriage support petition campaign, gathering more than 27,000 signatures submitted to the Ministry of Justice.

“LOVE : PooPoo - Corn the lucky Unicorn”

PeriodMarch 15th (Fri) - 18th (Mon) 2024
VenueNight Out Gallery