About the Exhibition

The twenty-first century. In other words, the century of the environment. After having achieved economic development here on earth at an accelerated rate, we human beings must now face a common task to solve a deepening wastage problem.

It is we humans that create and must solve this issue: progressing minute by minute everywhere, from our everyday lives to energy manufacturing, it is affecting not only the present but also our future.


What can we do at this moment? There are varied efforts all over the world to respond to this question.

This exhibition focuses on a creative challenge in the Netherlands looking at the world through spectacles called “Design”.

Collecting waste from waterways worldwide to create new value from it until their “resource” eventually runs out, the world’s first professional plastic fishing company is “aiming to go out of business” like this. They are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which has a deep historical relationship with Japan. Their boat tours explore the canals of Amsterdam offering locals, tourists and companies a physical plastic fishing experience with a fishing net. A local resident came up with an idea to turn canal-caught PET bottles into tour boats. This fun, enjoyable process is designed to let anybody participate in solving the abstract question of plastic waste. This meaningful activity is already loved and supported by many, and is becoming more and more popular over time.

DateFriday, 27th September ― Sunday, 15th December 2019
Opening times10:00 ~ 21:00
VenueATELIER MUJI Gallery 2 (6F, MUJI GINZA),Admission free