A Contemporary Reinterpretation of Japanese lanterns

The Japanese light design brand Ambientec unveils its latest masterpiece, a minimalist lantern that gracefully dances between light and color. Featured in a photoshoot curated by Elisa Ossino Studio, MADCO has metamorphosed into a fashion accessory. "I have a profound appreciation for Japanese culture, and with MADCO, my aim was to evoke a simple yet modern ambiance that pays homage to both the past and the iconic imagery of these traditional luminaries," explains Elisa Ossino.


Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva


Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva


Effortless portability with MADCO's built-in metal handle
Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva


MADCO lamps in five distinct colors: Olive, Peach, Terracotta, Mustard, and Cherry
Photo credit: Hiroshi Iwasaki

MADCO's luminous core takes the elegant form of a simple sphere, offering a 360° range of rotation for a myriad of lighting configurations. It is gracefully poised atop a slender metal frame that doubles as a convenient handle. The lower cap, housing the technological components and transformer, comes in a palette of five warm and refined tones: olive, peach, terracotta, mustard, and cherry. Lightness, geometric abstraction, and monochromatic elegance are the hallmarks of the designer, who favors the sphere in her creations for its iconic purity.

An Aura of Playful Elegance for Any Space

"MADCO's roundness and its ability to pivot will make it a lively and empathetic object - a small character," Elisa Ossino remarks. "While conceiving its design, I envisioned the round face of my daughter Maddalena, who also inspired the name." Elisa Ossino further imparts her personal interpretation of the lantern in a photoshoot curated by Elisa Ossino Studio, featuring MADCO as a fashion accessory worn by a model - ultimately evolving into a clutch to be carried wherever one desires, creating a captivating interplay between light and form. Easily rechargeable via the USB-C connector, and boasting a high level of waterproofing (IP66), MADCO is a portable and remarkably versatile piece. Whether adorning a terrace, a living room, a bedroom, or a bathroom, MADCO bestows a touch of buoyant and whimsical elegance upon any environment. It is also perfect for contract scenarios, ranging from an outdoor restaurant setting to the lounge of a hotel.


MADCO in mustard: a pop of vibrancy
Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva


Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva


Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva


Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva


Photo credit: Valentina Sommariva

A New Synthesis within the Ambientec Brand, Merging Light, Color, and Technology

MADCO encapsulates the poetics of light, functionality, adept use of color, and ambiance. This empathetic design, paired with outdoor performance capabilities, establishes MADCO as a fresh and original interpretation of the harmonious fusion of technology, precision craftsmanship, and formal purity intrinsic to the realm of Ambientec's portable lighting.


Japanese light design company, Ambientec, was founded in 2009 by its visionary CEO, Yoshinori Kuno. Prior to this venture, in 1999, Kuno established AOI Japan Co. Ltd., specializing in the production of protective underwater cases for professional photography equipment. Subsequently, Kuno ventured into the realm of professional underwater photography lighting with the RGBlue brand, still synonymous with excellence.The technological expertise and know-how required for creating highly durable portable products capable of withstanding the pressures of the deepest waters, illuminating the abyss, are a heritage that Yoshinori Kuno has skillfully transposed into the world of design.

Ambientec was created to explore new frontiers in portable lighting for everyday spaces, from outdoor spaces to bathrooms, from homes to elegant cafés. High-quality components and refined design come together to create inimitable products. Driven by experience in photography gear, Ambientec's portable, rechargeable, and waterproof lamps are masterfully crafted from ultra-resilient materials, making them both timeless in style and enduring in performance.

Elisa Ossino

Sicilian-born architect and designer Elisa Ossino studied at Milan Polytechnic. In 2006, she founded Elisa Ossino Studio, where she works on residential and retail interiors, product design, art direction, and set design. What inspires her compositional style is a figure of suspension, recurring in the design lightness of each project intervention. In design she privileges essential lines and geometries, signs capable of giving a marked scenographic sense to space.