Retrospective Exhibition Including Newly Released Work

BankART1929 will present the first retrospective screening in Japan of filmmaker/artist Takashi Makino for August 25 to September 3, 2023.


cinema concret, 2015


光の絵巻, 2011


BankART Station Theater 会場の様子

Takashi Makino (born in 1978) has produced more than forty films that have screened in more than 125 cities, transmitting his reputation and works worldwide. With its consistent exploration of organic, inventive, and philosophical visuals, the artist has formulated an unparalleled unique style of cinematics that is highly acclaimed both in the context of film and in the contemporary art world. His collaborations with various musicians and filmmakers have culminated in some of the most intense and vivid spectacles that expand the viewer's imagination.

For this 10-day screening, Makino will present a Japan premiere and a new 2023 digitally remastered film along the six programs: "Early Works 1," "Early Works 2," "Mid-Career Works 1," "Mid-Career to Recent Works," "Recent Works," and "Memento Stella. This is a unique opportunity to view the scope of Makino's filmography ahead of his solo exhibition at Anomaly (Tokyo), opening this October 2023. 


Picture from Darkness


On Generation and Corruption 60


Memento Stella


makino 2018

Overview of "BankART Station Theater 2023 vol.3 Takashi Makino Retrospective 2002-2020"

PeriodAugust 25 - September 3, 2023
Fee1,500 JPY w/ 1-drink (2,000 JPY w/1-drink on Aug. 25 and Sep. 1)
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