Recommended Exhibition in Japan for January 2023

NPO Aoyama Design Forum presents the recommended Art Gallery and Museum Exhibitions for January 2023. In addition to the calendar of events, we provide detailed information like outline of exhibited works. Up-to-date information on opening hours can be found on each museum’s websites. Please make sure to check it before you visit the exhibition.


Keiichi Tanaami Courtesy of NANZUKA ©Fujio Productions Ltd.


The solo exhibition of Keiichi Tanaami "TANAAMI!!! AKATSUKA!!! / That's all Right!!!" will be held from Saturday, January 21, 2022 to Monday, February 13, 2022 at "PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO" on the 4th floor of Shibuya PARCO. This is a special collaboration born out of Tanaami's continuous creative efforts, inspired by his friendship with Fujio Akatsuka during his lifetime. Paintings and installations will be on display. A special edition of Shueisha's works will be sold as part of the exhibition.

  • Date: January 21 (Sat) - February 13 (Mon), 2022
  • Opening hours: 11:00-21:00
  • Venue: PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO (Shibuya PARCO 4F)
  • Admission fee: General 500 yen (tax included)  / Free for children under elementary school age

Special exhibition of plaster artisan Shuhei Hasudo "Falling on the Earth" Warehouse TERRADA

adf-web-magazine-plasterer-shuhei-hasado-falling-earth-1Warehouse TERRADA will host a special exhibition by plasterer Shuhei Hasudo from Saturday, January 21, 2023, through Tuesday, February 14, 2023, in the event space. Focusing on the traditional Japanese technique of plastering, the entire storeroom expresses an esthetic sense associated with nature, such as "earth," "water," and "light." In addition to new works created especially for this exhibition, visitors can experience the ever-evolving Shuhei Hasudo through his unique worldview, in which the floor of a 500-square-meter warehouse is covered with earth.

  • Date: January 21 (Sat) to February 14 (Tue), 2023
  • Opening hours: 12:30-17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
  • Venue: Warehouse TERRADA G3-6F
  • Admission fee: Free

"Egon Schiele from the Collection of the Leopold Museum - Young Genius in Vienna 1900" Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum



From January 26 (Thursday) to April 9 (Sunday) 2023, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum will present the exhibition "Egon Schiele from the Collection of the Leopold Museum - Young Genius in Vienna 1900." Egon Schiele (1890-1918) - one of the outstanding painters of the late 19th century in Vienna. In his short life of 28 years, he created numerous works and shaped his own distinctive style. The exhibition, largely drawn from the collection of Vienna's Leopold Museum, presents Schiele's life, work and artistic environment through paintings and sketches from his early and late career, as well as works by other artists of Vienna's fin de siècle. The exhibition will look back at the artist's life and work through a total of 50 works, including oil paintings and drawings. The focus will be on the collection of the Leopold Museum in Vienna, which is known for one of the world's leading collections of works by Egon Schiele. In addition, some 120 works by his contemporaries such as Klimt, Kokoschka and Gerstl will be presented.

  • Dates: January 26 (Thursday) to April 9 (Sunday), 2023
  • Opening hours: 9:30-17:30 until 20:00 on Fridays 
  • Venue: exhibition halls of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art
  • Museum
  • Closed: Monday
  • Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Asahi Shimbun, Fuji Television Network

Special Event "Animage and Ghibli Exhibition" at Matsuya Ginza

adf-web-magazine-aimage-ghibli-exhibition-1.jpgThe Matsuya Ginza will host "Animage and Ghibli Exhibition" from January 3 (Tuesday) to January 23 (Monday) 2023, looking back at the beginnings of Studio Ghibli. This exhibition opened in April 2021 at Matsuya Ginza as the first exhibition venue, but closed after only 10 days due to the declaration of a state of emergency. After being on display at six venues nationwide, the exhibition will be held again at Matsuya Ginza with an improved version of the exhibition and product sales. To commemorate the exhibition opening, an autograph session with Toshio Suzuki and Kanyada will be held on December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) before the opening. Limited to 150 people, the autograph session is a set ticket with a preview.

  • Date: January 3 (Tuesday) to January 23 (Monday), 2023
  • Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
  • Venue: Matsuya Ginza 8F Event Square

"Taro Okamoto Exhibition" Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

adf-main-exhibition-taro-okamotoThe Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art will hold the "Taro Okamoto Exhibition" beginning Saturday, January 14, 2023. Taro Okamoto (1911-1996) is an artist who became famous for the themed pavilion "Tower of the Sun" at the Japan World Expo (Osaka Expo) in 1970 and still fascinates people of all ages. This time we will be showing a major retrospective looking back at his artistic life. This exhibition traces the life of Taro Okamoto and presents not only his representative works, but also works from his later years that have received little attention so far.

  • Date: Saturday, January 14, 2023 through Tuesday, March 14, 2023
  • Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 / Fridays until 20:00
  • Closed: Mondays

Concurrent collection exhibition "Mitsuru Tokutomi ─ Universe on the Table" Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
The Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art and the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art will host the exhibition "Mitsuru Tokutomi ─ Universe on the Table."

adf-aichi-prefectural-museum-of-art-and-toyota-municipal-museum-of-artMitsuru Tokutomi (1966-2001), born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, is an artist whose vivid handiwork reveals the subtle gaps between perception and recognition, as well as speculations about the form and identity of things. After graduating from Tokyo College of the Arts, Tokutomi went to London to study abroad with the Aichi Prefecture Scholarship for Budding Artists. By exploring the act of seeing things in depth and combining the physical sense of scale with the astronomical sense of distance and size, she was able to give form to her unique thoughts. In 2000, however, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia, after which he returned to Japan. in 2001, he passed away at the age of only 35 amid high expectations for his future success. Since 2016, theAichi Prefectural Museum of Art and the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art have been researching and collecting works from the artists' surviving families. This is the first retrospective exhibition in 17 years since "plus, minus, infinity" (Tomio Koyama Gallery, 2006). We will present the complete painting of Mitsuru Tokutomi, an artist who has independently created a variety of works. The exhibition will be held at two venues: the Aichi Prefectural Art Museum and the Toyota City Art Museum. Please note that the exhibition period, opening hours, closing days, admission prices, etc. are different for each venue.

  • Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art: Saturday, January 14, 2023 to Tuesday, March 14, 2023
  • Toyota Municipal Art Museum: Saturday, February 25, 2023 to Sunday, May 21, 2023

"ART OF HIP HOP Vol.2" Laforet Harajuku

adf-web-magazine-art-of-hip-hop-1Beat is a POP UP EVENT, an exhibition that will gather artists presenting art expressions related to hip-hop from January 7 (Sat.) to January 15 (Sun.) 2023 at BE AT STUDIO HARAJUKU (Laforet Harajuku 6F). the event "ART OF HIP HOP Vol.2" will feature live music. In the first edition in June 2022, many hip-hop fans were mobilized every day. This time we will take a closer look at the ever-growing hip-hop scene from the perspective of art.

  • Date: Saturday, January 7, 2023 to Sunday, January 15, 2023
  • Opening hours: 11:00~20:00

Keita Minami Solo Exhibition "Nice to Me Chu Again, TOKYO" YUGEN Gallery

adf-web-magazine-nice-to-meet-you-again-1YUGEN Gallery, which distributes and promotes contemporary art through offline galleries and digital platforms, is hosting a solo exhibition of Keita Minami "Nice to Me, TOKYO" from Saturday, January 21, 2023 to Thursday, January 26, 2023. The exhibition will take place. Illustrator Minami Keita's solo exhibition "Nice to Me, Again, TOKYO" is colored with colored pencils and oil pastels, creating a witty illustration that leaves the viewer with an indescribable sense of unease. This is his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 14 years and looks back on 20 years of creative activity, starting with works from around the age of 20 before he began his career as an artist.

  • Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023-Thursday, January 26, 2023
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri 14:00-19:00 / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 13:00-19:00
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Venue: YUGEN Gallery