The 16th International Design Awards Celebrates the New Talents in the Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design

The International Design Awards (IDA) has announced the winners for its 2022 edition. IDA recognizes, celebrates and promotes exceptional design visionaries and works to discover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design worldwide.The 16th edition of the IDA attracted thousands of outstanding submissions from a record number of designers around the world who vied for the top prizes in this prestigious award.


IDA 2022 Architect of the Year - ‘Shangyu Museum’ by Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute. Photo credit: Wang Dachou

Evaluating submissions from almost 80 countries, members of the IDA jury commented on the incredibly high standard of design entries across the five Award disciplines - Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design.


IDA 2022 Interior Designer of the Year: ‘Emerald Bay’ by Dina Marciano Design. Photo credit: Alex Kroke and Peter Christiansen

“The IDA has always been about seeking out truly visionary designers showcasing creativity and innovation. We had a record number of entries in 2022 and the jury had an enormous task in selecting the winners from some truly outstanding design submissions,” commented Jill Grinda, VP Marketing and Business Development for the IDA.


IDA 2022 Emerging Architect of the Year - Project: ‘Crassula’ by Mahsa Mohebbi from Azad University, Iran. Photo credit: Mahsa Mohebbi

The public vote for the "People's Choie Awards" has been closed, and the winners will be revealed soon. There will be a cash prize of $1000 in each of the non-professional disciplines.


IDA 2022 Product Designer of the Year ‘MC2’ by OXOS. Photo credit: OXOS

IDA 2022 Winners

Winners of the Year
  • Architecture Design of the Year: "Shangyu Museum" by Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design and Research
  • Interior Design of the Year: "Emerald Bay" by Dina Marciano Design
  • Product Design of the Year: "MC2" by OXOS
  • Graphic Design of the Year: "Limburgs Museum – Van ós. For everybody." by Total Design

IDA 2022 Fashion Designer of the Year: ‘INRECON /SOLARIS AW22’ by Jens Laugesen. Photo credit: Jean-François Carly


IDA 2022 Graphic Designer of the Year ‘Limburgs Museum – Van ós. For Everybody’ by Total Design. Photo credit: Total Design

Emerging Designers
  • Emerging Architectural Design of the Year: "Crassula" by Azad University (Mahsa Mohebbi, Mitra Mohebbi, Amin Moazzen)
  • Emerging Interior Designer of the Year: "Moncler Soho" by New York School of Interior Design (Sheng Wei Yang)
  • Emerging Product Designer of the Year: "ATLAS" by Artcenter College of Design(Shuaicheng (Drake) Dong)
  • Emerging Fashion Designer of the Year: "Spiritual Shift" by Auckland University of Technology (Sheetol Chawla)
  • Emerging Graphic Designer of the Year: "Desired" by Utah Valley University (Joslynn Taylor)

IDA 2022 Emerging Interior Designer of the Year: ‘Moncler Soho’ by Sheng Wei Yang from New York School of Interior Design, USA. Photo credit: Sheng Wei Yang


IDA 2022 Emerging Product Designer of the Year: ‘ATLAS’ by Shuaicheng (Drake) Dong from Artcenter College of Design, USA. Photo credit: Shuaicheng (Drake) Dong


Comments from the Board of Jury (Excerpt)

We saw diverse and extraordinary submissions in this year’s entries across geographies, typologies and scale. The most successful designs appear to be those who apply creative thinking, crafting innovative and sustainable destinations to connect people with emotion, nature, and context.

-Jury Member, Mark Blackwell, Creative Director and Chartered Landscape Architect at Morphis

This year has demonstrated again that the IDA has truly become a destination for great creative work and the who’s who in the design industry. What makes judging the IDA special is the opportunity to discover fresh ideas from the best upcoming and established designers around the world and amplify them.

- Erik Behrens, Creative Director at AECOM

Once again the IDA awards have shown a new generation of incredibly creative talented candidates, as well as clear industry professional standouts. I love how these awards bring out the best.

-Carly Vidal-Wallace, Fashion Curator, Writer and Marketing Strategist


IDA 2022 Emerging Fashion Designer of the Year: ‘Spiritual Shift’ by Sheetol Chawla from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Photo credit: Sheetol Chawla


IDA 2022 Emerging Graphic Designer of the Year: ‘Desired’ by Joslynn Taylor from Utah Valley University, USA. Photo credit: Joslynn Taylor

About The International Design Awards (IDA)

The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognize, celebrate and promote exceptional design visionaries and discover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design worldwide.  The Farmani Group founded the IDA as the design sibling of the Annual Lucie Awards for Photography, which has emerged as one of the world’s most prestigious photography awards.