Rebranding as Lemay_id, a renewal of its New York City-based interior design studio that in 2015

Building upon an established team, Lemay_id will expand to source expertise from the designers, architects, and industry leaders working in a variety of markets and disciplines at its parent architecture and design firm Lemay. This new brand combines an award-winning international portfolio of projects with a promising evolution for a team redefining how space can celebrate identities and inspire lasting connections in NYC and around the world.


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From idea to identity

Based on a philosophy of identity being central to interior design, Lemay_id’s concise and impactful brand embodies a studio’s bespoke and thoughtful approach.


Charlie West
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Orchard Park Restaurant by David Burke
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The launch of Lemay_id is a reaffirmation of our team’s dedication to their craft, and this brand captures their honed ability to explore concepts presented by clients and to express them through the mediums of design and space.

Robert Fiorino, Chief Marketing Officer at Lemay

Created using the studio’s own branding and graphic design team, Lemay_id’s logo is a succinct expression of its purpose. With a focus on interior design through the initialism of ‘id’, the symbol speaks to the core elements of the team’s creative and personalized process: Ideas and identities. From hospitality to living environments and beyond, Lemay_id’s use of narrative and artistry explores the concept of 'where you are is who you are', and how space can be a form of storytelling.


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Photo credit: Lemay_id


Photo credit: Lemay_id

A redesigned studio to redefine space

Sparked from a desire to harness and grow a foundational team’s refined skills and in-depth knowledge, Lemay_id marks a period of growth for its combination of an accomplished studio, a lauded portfolio, and its many exciting interior design projects to come.


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Photo credit: Lemay_id

Working from a renewed baseline of an outstanding team and track record, and sheer creative drive, this transformation elevates the impactful and breathtaking work that our designers have unveiled and will be unveiling in the months and years to come.

Amro El Chabti, Lemay_id’s Senior Partner and Regional Director


Lemay_id is an award-winning studio that explores the world of design with a bespoke approach, redefining how where you are can express who you are with space that celebrates identities and inspires lasting connections. From hospitality to living environments and beyond, Lemay_id’s portfolio includes projects such as the luxurious interiors of 1111 Atwater and Humaniti Hotel in Montreal, and the Manhattan skyscraper of The Summit and Hell’s Kitchen condominiums of Charlie West in New York City.