An Invention for Efficient, Ecological, and Safe Transportation

Bolat Sattarula Sidewalk (hereinafter: "sidewalk"), is a public transport. It is a huge ring with a diameter from 1 km to several kilometers. (the drawing from the patent is attached). The ring consists of several lanes - platforms installed close to each other, moving along the ring, at different speeds. The first-5, the second-10, the third-15 km. per hour, and so on. A power plant consisting of an electric motor, a gearbox and a wheel are installed under each strip-platform.adf-web-magazine-bolat-sattarula-sidewalk

The rotation of the electric motor is transmitted through the gearbox to the wheels that move the platform strips. At the same time, the wheels, transmitting rotation, themselves remain stationary, relative to the ground. The circular shape of the "sidewalk" allows you to make the platform strips monolithic, solid, solid, without links.

Main Features of the "Sidewalk"

  • Provides continuous, non-stop transportation of passengers. People, leaving the house, immediately get on the "sidewalk", reaching the place of arrival, they will get off it at any point along the way. There is no need for the construction of stops, traffic regulation, and other structures necessary for ground transport.
  • Provides safe transportation. It moves strictly along the circular route with the same, constant speed, without bumps, jerks, turns, which ensures the safe transportation of passengers.
  • Ensures the ecological purity of the atmosphere of the city, as it works at the expense of electricity. It does not emit smoke, gas, and other harmful substances for the human body. It works without noise.
  • Provides control of the movement of the platform lanes from one remote control, remotely, since the power plants are installed on non-movable supports.
  • Has the ability to change the distance, the number of passengers carried, by changing the design parameters.(diameter, width, number, speed of sidewalk lanes).
  • It has the ability to increase the distance between the support wheels, since the wheels are fixed on fixed supports, which allows you to install above the ground by hanging the "sidewalk" on high supports above the city.
  • Has the ability to change the diameter, which allows them to be installed in large and small towns, villages, open areas, inside the building serving a large number of people. By increasing accessibility and attendance, it improves the quantity and quality of public services.

The installation of a sidewalk over the city, simultaneously with transportation, opens a view from above the city, will become a place of rest, walking, tourism for citizens. It will become a landmark of the city.

In the future, by building new cities with circular blocks, the "sidewalk" can be integrated into the architecture of the city.

In cities with many high-rise buildings, it is possible to open pedestrian traffic by air, at a height of several meters, connecting them with a "sidewalk". 

"Sidewalk" opens a new branch of production, a new direction in the architecture of building construction, cities.

Written by B.S.Mukashev