ASA Experimental Design Competition 2022 Winners

The ASA Experimental Design Competition 2022 "The Everyday Heritage", has announced its winners. The theme of this year, organised by the awards, was "CO-EXIST WITH CO-AREA", with ideas focusing on the practical use of space, and recognised co-working spaces that 'co-exist with the Co-Area' in a variety of ways. Aoyama Design Forum has sponsored the award as a partner.



Guest type : architects, designers, students or individuals
2nd prize ※no winners for the 1st prize
  • SPACE  by Thanick Muenkhamwang, Nuttachat Kosintranont and Sirichai Roythiengadf-web-magazine-asa-ex-comp(general-public-2nd-1)
3rd prize
  • BUS STOP by Warapon Suriyaadf-web-magazine-asa-ex-comp(general-public-3rd)
Honorable mention
  • DEMOATIVE  by Wichuporn Ninpao, Chananrat Teangyong, Kulchira Butsri, Sakawrat Suwanprateebadf-web-magazine-asa-ex-comp(general-public-honorary-1)
  • THE LOST BANGKOK by Peerapon Suthimakpholadf-web-magazinee-asa-ex-comp(general-public-honorary-2)
  • PARALLEL COMMUNITY by Wasin Hemachartwiroonadf-web-magazine-asa-ex-comp(general-public-honorary-4)
  • ALTERNATE by Thithi Khemmakarnkosol, Sicha Chittavanich, Chanawut Chumintajakadf-web-magazine-asa-ex-comp(general-public-honorary-3)
Student type : High school students or equivalent or lower
1st prize
  •  My Classroom by Aekarit Maehchi, Attapon Pongchareonpitadf-web-magazinee-asa-ex-comp(students-1st)
2nd prize
  • Just Be U by Kasiwat Khawkhan, Natchaporn Phiratthamrong, Thanyaporn Shetthong, Thanaseat Thititermarooniadf-web-magazinee-asa-ex-comp(students-2nd)
3rd prize
  • Recycle Park on Waste Land by Primmada Joonveranongadf-web-magazinee-asa-ex-comp(students-3rd)
Honorable mention
  • X CARICOR Park – Live – Ride by Kridtin Noonurat


  • HAY STACK OF LIFE by Nopphapadol Ubaluksana, Puntharika Laimek, Punyavee Soawiset, Sahachart Chansorn, Haris Payakka, Achawin Suwandungdoemadf-web-magazinee-asa-ex-comp(students-honorary2)