Would you like to show your work to the world ?

Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) is looking for information on projects for “art4d” , which have been completed recently or are to be completed soon from the designers and owners. The target projects are within Japan or the Asian region design projects.

Excellent projects will be published in the Bangkok design magazine"art4d" . In case of coverage and publication, we will contact you from"art4d" editorial department.

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What is art4d?

Founded in 1995, art4d is a magazine created by designers for designers. Through its 11 annual issues, art4d presents itself in contrast to the contemporary field of home and decoration titles currently available on the market. Whereas the majority of these publications are aimed at the general public, art4d serves to benefit the community of creative professionals and participants through its content, photography and commitment to presenting intelligent narratives accompanied by vivid images as standard editorial practice. art4d is for the exclusive benefit of designers, architects and artists, functioning as a venue for the exchange of ideas amongst art and design circles within Thailand – within Asia – and worldwide.

We're looking for architecture project, raging from residential project to the public space scale that contain interesting aspect especially its benefit to the community. The target projects are within the Asian region or international design projects by designers based in Asia.