form. function. fascination: The Chaire

Hong Kong-based Design Pier’s brand new collectible design exhibition "THE CHAIR" is coming very soon. Presenting Hong Kong-based and international designers with works from well-known names to audacious young artists, the exhibition explores the unique ways creators approach the most anthropomorphic object in design, the chair.


Apical Reform

Few objects represent the quintessence of design better than the chair, combining function and aesthetics in a single object.



For a designer, making a chair is an exercise in style, an unavoidable step on the path to establishing one's reputation. A chair easily transcends its character as an ordinary object and becomes a statement of art.

ADFWebMagazine-Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid for Artisan

Through its diversity, it can tell a lot about aesthetic trends, new materials, and technologies, social, cultural and technologies, social, cultural and behavioral changes throughout history. It also speaks about the designer's sensitivities.

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Kamp Studio

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VenueLanson Place Hotel
DateMarch 27 - 31, 2019
DesignerApical Reform (India)
Brana (Argentina)
Freeman Lau (Hong Kong)br> Hamaji Takuya (Japan)
Hemmon Honkonen (Finland)
InYeonghye (South Korea)
Kamp Studio (Hong Kong)
Kanemitsu (Japan)
Karim Rashid for Artisan (Bosnia)
Nature (Evolutuin)
Nissa Kinzhalina (Kazahstan)
Regular Company (Croatia)
Skram Furniture (US)