Unique Sculptural Lớp Lamp: A Sphere Floating within Layers

Vietnamese furniture and lighting brand BằNG presents its latest lighting collection, Lớp. This artful lighting collection embodies an innovative idea: a sphere floating amidst layers. When lit, reflections of the sphere materialize on the acrylic layers, evoking images of a sphere in motion. Even though the sphere is stationary, its multiple reflections instill a sense of movement.


Family picture
Photo credit: Bằng


Lớp big square in clear at Gallery Medium
Photo credit: Bằng


Lớp small rectangle in stainless steel at Gallery Medium
Photo credit: Bằng

The Creative Director and Designer of BằNG, Thomas Vincent, has given shape to Lớp. His design is rooted in BằNG's core values: a commitment to superb craftsmanship, innovative design, and manufacturing excellence. The collection encapsulates the design philosophy of the brand, which is deeply connected to materials and process, as denoted by its name "BằNG", a Vietnamese preposition for 'made by' or 'made from'.


Lớp small square in blue seen through a clear Lớp at NEO-
Photo credit: NEO-


Lớp small square in blue
Photo credit: Bằng


Thomas in the studio
Photo credit: LTLT

Winner of the Archiproducts Design Award in 2023, and curated for the Centre Pompidou Boutique, Lớp is a testament to BằNG's attention to detail and quality. Available in four sizes and eight vibrant colors, the collection also features a special stainless-steel edition. Each layer of the stainless-steel version is manually polished, creating a mirror finish that exemplifies the brand's dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship.


Lớp small square in green
Photo credit: Bằng


Lớp small rectangle in clear
Photo credit: Bằng


Lớp hand polished stainless steel all sizes
Photo credit: Bằng

Beyond being simply a collection of lamps, Lớp is a reflection of the contemporary Vietnamese design landscape. This collection challenges conventional views and serves as a testament to the country’s flourishing design industry. Lớp confidently embodies a modern Vietnam where design and creativity are limitless.


BằNG made its debut in 2021 as a Vietnamese furniture and lighting brand. Recognized for its unique, versatile, and high-quality products, BằNG has quickly carved out a niche for itself in the industry as a brand centered around innovative ideas and manufacturing excellence. Drawing inspiration from its workshop environment, and the vibrant daily life of Vietnam, BằNG strives to provide unique, versatile, and high-quality products, directly from the factory to you.