The importance of materials and their ability to shape our lives

After last year’s hugely successful debut, the Material Matters fair returns to Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf during the London Design Festival. The fair, which runs from 20-23 September 2023, will bring together over 45 world-leading brands, designers, makers, and innovators to investigate and celebrate the importance of materials and their ability to shape our lives.


Solidwool, Hydro, Planq, Mixed Metals, Goldfinger, Bert Frank and SCP_Material Matters 2023

New ways of working with waste

There will be a plethora of designers and brands re-evaluating materials and finding new ways to work with waste. For example, emerging designer BC Joshua will be showing a seat (created with designer Ella Doran) and lighting (designed in collaboration with Purva Kundaje) made from a newspaper pulp blend. Hagen Hinderdael and Novavita Design have joined forces to develop a new product collection made from coffee waste, milk packaging, and fermented sugar.


Kofika by Hagenhinderdael xNovavita Design_Material Matters 2023_materialmatters.design_Image credit - Anders Gramer

Planq will launch Rezign® materials – a new collection of materials made from textile waste such as post-consumer denim, army clothing, suits and white denim. This is combined with bio-based resources like flax and jute coffee bags to create veneer, multiplex board, and flex sheet materials.


Yair Neuman and Planq_Material Matters (3)

Elsewhere, Yair Neuman repurposes discarded lenses from the eyewear industry to create a new material for his products. The designer is set to unveil an assortment of pendant, table, and wall lights, alongside his Delerex® sunglasses frames.


Yair Neuman_Lady Slipper+Slipper pendent_25cm(dia)x12cm(H)_Recycled lenses_2023_Material Matters

Working with nature

Material Magic comes from the Innovation Hub East-Groningen and Dutch designer Jack Brandsma. It investigates how binders like magnesium and potato starch can be combined with hemp fibres to create products. 


Material Magic_Material Matters

A sense of craft

Bill Amberg Studio has long been one of the most important names in leather. Last year, it teamed up with the Knepp Estate, renowned for its ground-breaking rewilding project, to design and manufacture a sustainable furniture collection.


Bill Amberg Studio x Knepp Estate _Knepp Furniture Collectionin BAS workshop_landscape_leather and ash_c.David Cleveland_Material Matters


In each edition, Material Matters throws the spotlight on a particular designer or practice. We’re delighted that Pearson Lloyd is 2023’s practice of the year. As part of studio’s ongoing research to improve circularity of the mass-produced products for which it’s responsible. And,Danish designer, Tanja Kirst, has created this year’s entrance installation for the fair.


Tanja Kirst_Material Matters

Isola – Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens

Isola, the Milan-based design platform, will host a new exhibition on the third floor of Bargehouse. Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens will feature emerging designers using regenerative resources and repurposing waste materials.


Isola_Simon Frend_Eco Urns collection ©Matt Theodore & for Matters

「Material Matters fair 2023」

OpenWednesday 20 - Saturday 23 September 2023
Opening hours10am-6pm
VenueOxo Tower Wharf Barge House