St-Art FACTORY Art Digital Show

The international art platform st-Art announced a new concept for art lovers worldwide. St-Art FACTORY Art Digital Show is a free and innovative, web-based art show showcasing the works of 5 emerging artists in an engaging and digital experience featuring visual portraits and live debates and interviews about the current state of the art world. The event will span over three days, with 30 minutes episodes premiering online at 18:30 CET each day, starting March 11th, 2021. The artists presented in st-Art FACTORY are Jay KaesLynn SpoorGiulia D’anna LupoLadan Tofighi, and Victor Bayonasadf-web-magazine-art-digital-show-st-art-1

As the world is facing uncertain times, and we are unable to interact with each other as much as we would like to, art can be a great connector and can bring hope and positivity. That is one of the reasons we came up with the concept of st-Art FACTORY. While people are stuck at home, we will bring them a truly innovative and unconventional art show. Fully digital and fully committed to depicting and promoting art and artists in an entirely different way. Fun, entertaining, and most of all, accessible.

Carlo Tozzi, Founder and Art Director, st-Art


Black White
Photo credit: st-Art / Victor Bayonas


Lemons agains a Blue Sky
Photo credit: st-Art / Lynn Spoor

Instead of adopting classic interviews, each St-Art FACTORY episode features fast-paced, captivating real short-films depicting a visual portrait of one or two of the five artists, including examples and details of their work. The show's live portion presents members of the st-Art team, followed by intimate moments with five selected st-Art artists, where they speak their minds on art in general and what drives and inspires them. Each episode is concluded by "I don't like Art", a debate and constructive criticism on the current art world with st-Art founder Carlo Tozzi.


Natural Loop
Photo credit: Jay Klaes

st-Art has chosen to work with VP Events, a network of creatives designs and produces high-end events and expos worldwide.  There are three episodes of the show to present st-Art vision and values and introduce to a selection of st-Art curated artists.  The viewer will immediately be met with a captivating, design-focused opening video, which sets the tone for the rest of the session. Every element of the event has been carefully constructed to create a complete experience. The show's visual structure is enriched by both prerecorded and live segments featuring motion graphics. Episodes will be available to watch at any time after the original event too.


Shopping Heavy Sand
Photo credit: Giuli D'anna Lupo


Women Only
Photo credit: st-Art / Ladan Tofighi

About st-Art

st-Art is a platform founded by authentic and passionate art lovers with the shared vision of renewing the art market. Founder Carlo Tozzi created a team of like-minded individuals, currently based in Amsterdam, Milan, and Saint Moritz, to help achieve the goal of making the art market accessible to everyone, especially emerging artists and new art collectors. st-Art believes in mentorship and developing artists throughout their entire growth cycle. st-Art increases the artists' awareness and appreciation through events, press articles, and visibility on the st-Art website and social media. All for free. 

"st-Art FACTORY" overview

Date and TimeMar 11, 2021, 18:30-Mar 13, 2021, 19:00 CET
Episodes Premier11-12-13 of March 2021 from 18:30 CET (30 minutes)