Suspended artwork 30 feet above ground level

Mont-Royal Avenue has been transformed into a 2.5 km pedestrian-only zone this summer. Additionally, passersby at Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam will now be able to look up at 《Partly cloudy with a strong chance of “wow”!》 was created by the EN TEMPS ET LIEU workshop, the winner of a design competition launched in November 2021 by the Société de développement de l’avenue du Mont-Royal, in collaboration with Odace Événements and the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough. 


Photo credit: Latrompette Studio

The installation suspended 30 feet above the ground. The piece is designed to resemble a giant fluffy cloud that creates shaded zones that slowly move with the motion of the sun. The concept is a nod to the dichotomy of nature and city living, organic life and technology, meteorological science and old wives’ tales. It also symbolizes water and two of its states – liquid and gas – and is the perfect complement to the multipurpose water square at Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam. In sum, its intent is to celebrate and show how important rain is in the public space. The artwork provides a unique experience that evolves in real-time. At night, it emits a glow that changes according to 12-hour weather forecasts, while reacting to heat waves, storms, rain, sunshine, etc. The piece is a genuine embodiment of atmospheric poetry, shimmering in an iridescent palette of colours depending on the weather expected. The creators drew inspiration from both meteorology and old wives’ tales that were popular with people who have a deep connection to the land, such as farmers. For instance, the belief that observing the sky at sunset and the colour of the clouds could predict tomorrow’s forecast.


Photo credit: Latrompette Studio


Photo credit: Latrompette Studio


EN TEMPS ET LIEU is a workshop uniting Stéphanie Leduc, from Quebec, and Manuel Baumann, from Germany. The duo’s multidisciplinary work focuses on creating pieces that are a combination of architecture, design, and visual arts. Their work is intended to question and disrupt the role and perception of public spaces, showcasing their willingness to go beyond traditional modes of representation. The environmental design provides a blank canvas and scale, enabling them to address and explore the themes they hold dear: space, humanity, experience, and temporality. 《Partly cloudy with a strong chance of “wow”!》will remain in place until October 2022, and will be reinstalled every summer for the next three years.