Welcome to 2050

Architecture Without Borders Quebec, Dark Matter Labs, Les Interstices, and RECYC-QUÉBEC are thrilled to announce the world premiere of the docu-fiction film, Les Materialistes, a participatory futurism pilot project focusing on the circular economy of construction materials in Quebec.


Photo credit: Les Matérialistes

Combining documentary and science fiction with foresight, co-creation, and animation design, Les Matérialistes is a practical utopia that is both ambitious and tangible. It transports us to 2050 to better understand what is necessary and possible to undertake collectively to achieve a transition to a truly circular economy. It is worth noting that the construction industry is responsible for nearly a third of the waste sent to disposal each year. According to Quebec’s 2021 Residual Materials Management Report for the C&D sector, the sector generated a total of 3,512,000 tonnes of waste. Of this total, approximately 1,846,000 tonnes were sent to sorting centers, while the remainder, 1,666,000 tonnes, was sent directly to disposal. Using the “kilogram per inhabitant” formula, waste from the C&D sector (Construction & Demolition) accounts for 232 kg out of a total of 716 kg of waste eliminated annually per inhabitant.


Photo credit: Les Matérialistes


Photo credit: Les Matérialistes

Through a series of scenes exploring future professions, the life cycle of materials, upcoming statistics, and current and imagined actions at all levels, this project also aims to change our perspective on the real value of materials and the potential of an economy that fully recognizes it.


Photo credit: Les Matérialistes

About Architecture Without Borders Quebec

Architecture Without Borders Quebec is a charitable organization and the humanitarian arm of the Order of architects of Quebec.

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Dark Matter Labs is an organization working to create institutions, instruments, and infrastructures for a more equitable, caring, and sustainable future.

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Les Interstices is a strategic design and foresight practice based in Tiohtià:ke / Montréal.。


RECYC-QUÉBEC is the state agency in charge of waste diversion and recycling for the Government of Quebec.